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    me beating the knight at critical mode(translations)

    holy crap! awesome job man!
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    What System will the next KH be on? PS3 or 360?

    Im hoping they announce it soon because this will decide which console I get. Square has announced that it will spread across its franchises through the diffrent systems and stuff, so I was thinking that they would put the main FF series on PS3, Kingdom Hearts on 360, and Dragon Quest for Wii...
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    What if you live in Texas? WHen will it come out cuz i havent gotten a call.
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    so the le guide comes out to day as in monday

    what if you live in texas? when will it come out?
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    what if you live in Texas?
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    Did Anyone?

    Keybladesmen could you please put up some Nobody (plz all of the kinds) and some heartless pics
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    Did Anyone?

    guys i think thsts a little too much to be keep asking. i mean hes been up here since morning trying to solve our needs give him some break time.
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    Which LE cover do you have?

    Could you lease pick what cover you recieved with the game. Just wanted to know.
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    Did Anyone?

    thanks i owe you big time
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    Strongest Org. Member

    Who was the strongest Org. Member (in a boss fight) in Kingdom Hearts 2
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    Did Anyone?

    Sorry if its too much to ask but could you post Luxord pics and some Lion King pics. I can undrstand if you dident want to because youve ben doing alot.
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    Did Anyone?

    thanks dude your awsome!
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    ~Ultimate Disney Summon~

    Tmon and Pumba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Did Anyone?

    Keybladesmen could you post pics of Saix or Xaldin?
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    Did Anyone?

    You know maybe some death threats will make them say otherwise............... Bring Out The Bad Jokes!!!!!!!!!:D Sorry for the spam but yah probably. He said yesterday that he had got a call saying thered be enough limited editions for me but dident say when.
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    Oh my God The controls are screwed up!

    Sorry Muffin i mean how were we supposed to know?
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    Did Anyone?

    Are you freaking kidding me! Dang they are evil!
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    Did Anyone?

    I went today and they dident have thme yet. Either that or there behind the counter. Evil Gamestop employees!Lol Probly cuz i live in TX Oh and Keybladesmen, do u think you could put up new picks of the pages from the guide tomorow that would be awsome.
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    Oh my God The controls are screwed up!

    Well............................. nuthin much more to talk about i guess. Oh well probaly getclosed by monkeybut anyway and thanks MuffinMan.
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    Oh my God The controls are screwed up!

    You can? Oh ok then:D