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    Twilight Town x Star Wars

    I'm mostly just memeing here guys. Was rewatching the ending of KH3, and the silhouette is uncanny! :redface: https://imgur.com/a/3FXs4WG
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    News ► TWEWY -Solo Remix- TGS 2012 Trailer Released!

    I'm really glad that TWEWY is a real part of KHInsider now :)
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    front page music

    idk if this is the right place to ask this, but i've already tried looking around in the media/announcements/general discussion forums of the site, but can't seem to find any info on how to pause the music on the front page. don't get me wrong- i like the song and all, it's really good- but...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    here's a few copies of the game out on the shelves at work. someone messed up and didn't see the street date. i tried to buy a copy but the computer recognized the error :P but still, here's a pic- notice the box comes in a nice sleeve. i don't know if this is for all retailers, or just the one...
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    oh hi it's your pal shamdeo bringing you

    i got my copy of BBS today too! but powers are against me! i have a pspGo so i was going to borrow my roommate's psp-1000 since he doesn't use it- but i just found out today that he doesn't have a charger so i can't play it until i buy another charger tomorrow morning!!! why!?
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    [spoilers] contradicting ending and beginning

    alright thx guys- appreciate it.
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    [spoilers] contradicting ending and beginning

    i don't know if this scene is exclusive to ven's story line or not but there is a scene were xehanort leaves ven on destiny island wearing an "organization coat". but in the secret ending, ansem the wise says that he "made clothes for the being of nothing". i assume he's talking about the...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    o mai gosh i can't get over ansem the wise's voice. it's so awesome in the secret ending!! anyone else think it's full of awesomeness.
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    Who is Epcar gonna be VA for?

    in the credits they have a separate actor for a "Terra-Xehanort". That's what they called him. So that's probably who R.E. will voice.
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Official 'Secret Ending' Thread Birth by Sleep Playthrough Log - Heartstation.org here are translations of both the opening scene a scenario ending, so this will probably be the place to find the secret ending translation once they reach it.
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    SPOILERS!!!! click to see if you dare lol

    can't make out the rest of what he's saying, but the first line he says is "this world..."
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    KH Piano Collections - Behind the Scenes Video

    here's a behind the scenes video of the recording process for KH Piano Collections. it's on the site nicovideo.jp and you'll need to make an account to watch it, but it's still interesting to watch. here's the link: Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts FIELD & Battle Record Scene UPDATE: just...
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    man i'm glad SOMEONE is awake. it sucks not having anyone else here to see it.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep added is the TGS 2009 trailer, world descriptions, new "system" descriptions
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    Birth by Sleep @ Jump Festa '10

    So I visited the VJump website and noticed that Birth by Sleep was one of the games listed on the Jump Festa 2010 link (it looks like: ジャンプェスタ2010.) THEN i found this 9 day tour in Japan program that includes going specifically to Jump Festa for a day. It's kinda pricey (i know i'm not going)...
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    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    so after hearing his performance in 358/2 i really don't know what to think about whether i'd want him taking on the voice of ven in BBS. i didn't feel like his performance in 358/2 was as good as it had been in KH2. and it could have been for any number of reasons: the director, the actor, the...
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    English Cutscene Discussion Thread

    gay, why did they have to pronounce it like "lee"? now that's what everyone's going to go off of. i know that there is a difference between english and japanese pronunciations - i mean, we pronounce roxas like roxas, not rokusasu. but still, i don't think they had to go and change it from lea...
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    English Cutscene Discussion Thread

    i found a spanish fandub. lol the audio isn't the best, but i think for a fandub they did ok. YouTube - Kingdom hearts 358\2 dias ~La muerte de Xion~ Fandub
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    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    i upgraded to DSi, so i can't play it anymore, but i still have it.
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    358/2 Days - Best Buy Limited Edition Packaging

    like the title says, according to today's Sunday ad, Best Buy is going to be offering a Limited Edition Packaging of 358/2 Days. Just thought i'd share that - in case some of you guys were still trying to decide where to buy your copy from. The ad page doesn't show what the packaging will look...