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    The US Division Dropped The Ball...

    Disney died when it started to make movies like "Home on the Range."
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    All nunuu vids

    saame with me XD
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    My father and I were talking about it...

    My mom is picking it up for me in 2 hours (I have anime club so I can't pick it up for myself, poor me.)
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    If kh2 was canceled right now...

    kill you, yes you
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    I say SCREW IGN!!!

    i agree with the Disney thing, they do this with all anime games too which pisses me off to hell. Yea, 3/4 of the anime games DO suck, but they give them really really really low scores, not even concidering how good the game is
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    how long

    i havnt played but, the cut scenes are loads longer now, which is why the game is actually longer, but sadly theres less fighting UNLESS you do like side quests and junk
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    Regarding IGN's Review, Read and Calm Down

    Button mashing sucks @_@ I don't think I can sit there just pressing the same buttons to kill someone... And if this game isn't hard at all I'm gona be pissed.
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    Im kinda sad...

    One day.... When I feel like playing all three of the games again, I'll play KHI, then CoM, then II again
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    Re: still waiting Less people in Australia = They get less money the world revolves around money. People want money. North America gives money. Import the game if you want it :) you can speak english
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    Chicken Little

    If Tinkerbell doesn't heal you I'll cry. whats up with Stich, I thought he shoots the enemies
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    Port Royal EDITED??

    where has all the rum gone?
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    A little dissapointed.. *spoilers, kinda*

    I think its just that people in the ESRB are losing their minds....
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    cloud vs auron

    Thats a hard choice... Cloud, perhaps because he has more of determination, in a way...
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    about Vivi

    Vivi = male Vivi is a popular Dutch girl's name, but, the Vivi that appears in KH2 and FFIX is, infact, a male. But artificial heart thing, that confuses me... What do you mean?
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    about Vivi

    i thought (coulda sworn) vivi was a guy... i'll check
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    about Vivi

    I heard Vivi was in the game (I knew for a while,) but I just watched a video of him recentley turning into a nobody... So is he a nobody, was the nobody just messing with everyone using someone else's body and Vivi is still good, or what? :confused:
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 V.S Halo 2

    Sorry but Halo 2 was horrible. The original was tons better, the stages were better, the fighting was better, it was overall a better game. Halo 2 was just... eww. And duh, KH2.
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    nobody idea created...in kh1?

    lol, a random old guy going into an ffx world and defeating jetch... seems kinda unlikley but I do think that the FFX world will aventually have something to do something with KH. Why? don't ask
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    nobody idea created...in kh1?

    if that was true don'tchya think Tidus woulda said something to Sora... hes not gona just stand there all day, they were kind of friends, he'd wana go with him. i think
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    What animal is Peat?

    Actually, Disney origanally designed him to be a fat Cat (cause Mickey was a mouse,) but eventually he was changed to be a fat mouse