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    Help/Support ► Not the best life for me

    Well younger kids do need more attention, I guess he just thinks you're old enough to take care of yourself. I wouldn't know, since I'm the youngest child anyways lol but I do have a little cousin that I have to spend a whole summer next to. Maybe your stepdad is stressed about something...
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    Maybe she is as confused about her feelings as you. I dunno, but maybe she likes her boyfriend but also feel attracted to you. But if her boyfriend is a really great person and is nice to her, then you should really leave them alone.
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    Help/Support ► Apology to all women

    :blink: Very few guys would apologize for that kind of thing..... gah, I have a brother...I know these things :rolleyes:
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    Help/Support ► Being Bullied

    I've been bullied a couple of times but because I move a lot, I really don't have to think of a solution for the problems... Basically, I just ignore them pretend they're not there. Don't look them and when they start taunting (this happens a lot, huh?) just keep walking Over time, they get...
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    what do you do

    The Pride Lands wasn't so bad, it's just that I realized you can dash AFTER I took my first visit to TWTNW ...Sad, isn't it? :sad:
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    what do you do

    I usually just roam around in Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion and fight Heartless And I'm not doing so well on the minigames :sad:
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    I was introduced here by foreverkingdom, who is a great friend in the other forum I'm in :) And the first thing I wanna say is..... I LOVE THE SMILEYZ!!! :drool: