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    Help/Support ► Suicide

    A school counsuler might work or a therapist its never good to hold in emotions just telling somebody can make you feel a little bit better
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    Help/Support ► Suicide

    Killing yourself is not any way to handle any problem, I can relate to some of what you say, i've been somewhat abused in my lifetime, but i always try to stay positive in any situation. if you think in a positive way you will get positive results, if you stay strong through your bad days it...
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    ~ anyone on this site ever beat sephiroth?

    I was LV.99 and i had a load of elixirs so i just kept hitting him with trinity limit then using an elixir to restore mp, rinse and repeat, and down goes sephiroth
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    Help/Support ► Inner Conflict.

    sometimes trying to get someone to be more than a friend leads you into a dark and depressing spiral of dissapointment and misery i know this for a fact -_- so sometimes its better to let go of your feelings for that person to end the chain of misery trust me its better for your physical and...
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    Help/Support ► Inner Conflict.

    tough situation there i see how your stuck thats hard to figure out, about the only advice i can give you is to tell her how you feel and go from there, in the great words of shakespear or some other old dead guy "tis better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all"
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    Help/Support ► Inner Conflict.

    Does she send you any kind of *hint* that she may like you to be more than a friend? also yay for abnormally large sugar cookies ^_^
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    ^_^ nicely said the friend Zone is a bad place to be if your trying to be more than a friend
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    Help/Support ► Inner Conflict.

    What kind of cookie? ^_^ it seems to me that your confused about the way she feels about you so you don't want to risk telling her your feelings right now
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    1. i believe in true love, you can regret not trying harder to get that person for the rest of your life. 2.you can't make someone like you, if they don't like you for you then their not worth it.
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    The Org. member that you just couldn't wait to destroy?

    Xaldin because he had weird hair 0_0, I just plain didn't like him
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    Anyone else ever try this?..

    I got to level 20 just to make proud mode a little easier
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    Level 99 Roxas

    its possible but it'll take awhile:thumbup:
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    Favourite world in Kh2

    My fav world is problably the world that never was:thumbup:
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    A Theory on the New Enemy and Master Xehanort

    What about the part of Xehanort that resides in Riku's heart?