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    how long did it take you to beat Riku and Sora's game

    I can't remember very well, b/c it was so long ago, and also I keep playing on the same save files, but I know Riku's story only took about 15 hours, and I think Sora's story took about 25 hours.
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    The other person?

    Yeah, but xehanort never became whole again; he stayed as just heartless and nobody. the reason his heartless had a human form was because he had a such a strong heart; ppeople with strong hearts who become heartless, retain their human features.
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    the keyblade in kh 2

    exactly; do you go around questioning why other videogame characters have weapons? no, not likely. Its just a weapon, maybe a highly magical weapon, but still, it doesn't need anyother purpose than to protect its weilder.
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    Is there a HP Limit?

    I know I got my hp up to 545 at least, but that's at about the point where Sora's guage reaches two bars. There's no way to tell if the size of the bar increases or anything, and it probably does stay the same, but the amount increases numerically and it does count in battle.
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    Steamboat willy....

    Ah, football; no wonder you needed a long shower. There isn't really any important dialogue in Steamboat Willy, except maybe when you fight the evil Pete, so you didn't really miss anything. :)
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    Steamboat willy....

    that's pretty much it; the puppet stands were portals, and when you go through the portals you fight some heartless, help mickey (young mickey before he becomes king ~ the heartless try to destroy mickey's house, burn down a building, wreck a building site, and demolish a tiny lilliput...
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    fighting maleficent as sora

    This is in the Chain of Memories section, so I'm going to assume that you're playing CoM. (And if you aren't talking about CoM, then this is in the wrong section anyways) In CoM, you can only play as Riku after you have finished Sora's story; so after you reach the credits, while playing Sora...
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    You can get ultima weapon in sora's story before beating reverse rebirth; reverse rebirth lets you get the diamond dust keyblade and the one-winged angel keyblade, both of which were only available in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. And you do get the ansem and lexaeus card, and the ability to...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? I liked the card battle system; the Castle Oblivion/Tournament sounds cool. But would it replace the Colliseum/Underworld Tournaments, or would it be adjacent to them?
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    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    I lost those same exact pages; they just fell out when i flipped the guide open, and then of course, I spent about a half an hour trying to tape them back in, so that it would look normal (didn't really work though) but other than that, its fine. Its the LE version. I guess it was sort of a...
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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    "It all began by birth by sleep." that sort of makes me think of the awakening that Sora and Roxas went through (they were asleep), and after they had their "awakenings" their adventures started. Your theories are good, and they make sense. What else was said (the unimportant things)?
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    Go to google > images> type in zexion, then try saiix and the pics they give you should present some idea; or maybe you should just clarify whether you mean light blue hair, or dark blue.
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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    Okay, this, up above^ is good advice; 1. you DO NOT need to use sleights; they take up time while you're grabbing the cards to use, and then Riku, or whoever you're fighting, pummels you. its true thought that it may take a bit longer. 2. Zero cards are a key...
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? Idon't have anything against Mena Suvari, but it sounded like she was trying to hard to be gentle, and Mena Suvari's voice is, all in all, just soft as it is. I imagined her to be a little perkier in FF7, so I didn't like Mandy...
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    You mean the final boss right? I fought him at lvl 48 and he was a piece of cake; Its not that he's hard, its just that its a really long battle. I had max possible hp and as long as I cured regularly sora's hp didn't go below half-way on the blue bar.
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    Help With Hades!!!!!!!!

    Which time are you fighting him? Cuz' he's available to fight in the tournaments and then, he's a boss for the storyline, and you fight him about 2-3 times.
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    Nobody's purpose

    The difference is that although the heartless are powerful, they don't have the mental capability to realize this or think for themselves, while on the other hand, a nobody has great power and the mental capability to realize their full power. However, the lesser nobodies don't have enough...
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    Do you honestly..............?

    If you don't understand japanese its nearly impossible to understand what's going on anyway.
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    Question on Pride Lands

    seriously? thats kinda freaky... Burrito = texmex food so just envision a lion holding a soft taco in its mouth; sounds like lunch to me
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    Question on Pride Lands

    Lions have stronger ammunities then we do so Sora wouldn't have to worry about getting sick on the Pridelands even is this was real life, and plus he wears gloves. To take the cake, if you hadn't noticed yet, Sora's kind of simple; he wouldn't really notice something like that - the fact that...