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    unbirth thoery

    your simple theory has been terminated.
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I was like in the 7th or 8th grade and I saw a Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories commericial. It looks pretty sweet with the Simple and Clean theme in the background, so i told my parents thats what i wanted for christmas, but instead of Getting me COM they got me KH1 thank goodness they did cuz...
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    Xion=Unbirth Theory not as Farfetched as it Sounds

    I appritiate the effort and all, but without anything offical on what an unbirth actually IS then your theory is invalid and a dud.
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    wow is that Final Mix+? damn Square, releasing final mixes, right when the original game hits 19.99 they bring out a 49.99 remix version it gets on my nerves.
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    Maleficent dragon form

    im diggin that idea, sounds plausable.
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    Early Screenshot of KH

    this is either fake or Final Mix
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    aqua is xion.

    I dont understand why people think Aqua is Xion, thers nothing pointing twards that direction, nor to they have the same skin tone either, WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK AQUA IS XION?!??!
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    xions eyes sortof

    the next thing ya know, people are gonna start makin threads of if Roxas wears Boxers or Briefs. :facepalm: this forum is getting ridiculous.
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    Square the new Triangle? (BBS)

    no they arnt, I have a japanese friend he has a pink one from japan and its the same....
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    Decks in BBS ruin game?

    i hope they do bring back the deck system, in KH1 and 2 just having constant X button mashing made the game dull after awhile, seriously, i went in Beasts Castle and just played the game just by pressing the X button alone with my eyes closed, and I kicked everyone's ass. having a bit of...
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    Ven left or right handed???

    ladies and gents, i give you the 9th wonder of the world! Another Pointless Thread!!! *gasps*:ohmy:
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    The Riku Connection?

    dude you are such a noob. Oblivion is just a representation of Riku, just like how Oathkeeper is a representation of Kairi. I have no flipin clue how he got another keyblade for Kairi, It was like a Keyblade bargin bin sale.
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    KH2 Animation

    it was meh, more like a crappy flash animation in my opinon, but whoever drew it is talented.
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    lingering Sentiment...

    As he said, everyone thinks its terra beacuse of the armor and the Keyblade he weilds, Nomura said that it is irrelivant who it is seeing as the fight was not cannon to the KH universe anyway. So it dosnt even matter.
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    Zack in BBS

    you should already know, that the Characters in Kingdom Hearts, are not the same as their FF counterparts. They have their own story lines and different friends and universes. For all We know in the KH universe, Zack could still be alive, and could have never met Cloud. Or could be a kid like...
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    Brith By Sleep Actual Footage

    yeah that is pretty old, and welcome to the forums.
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    thought about the new enemy in BBS

    i never thought about that. Mabe the new enemies ARE chasers... But why do you suppose they are chasing VAT?
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    The PoH's Worlds.

    Ive noticed in KH2 almost none of the PoH's worlds were mentioned or restored. Cinderella, Snow white, you'd think theyed put those worlds in. Its like they were only a plot divice for KH1 and now that KH1 is over and forgotten they hold no other signifigance, do you all think thy will have any...
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    im shure thats a hint when he listed the lower forms of each type. A Shadow/hearless, a Dusk/Nobody, a Dawn/???? maybe?
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    Roxas and Sora poll

    this is weird, yeah they look the same, you would think that since Roxas is Soras Body that he would look EXACTLY like sora, but thats Video game plot holes for ya.