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    when im viewing the new scan.i notice under the cinderella world... is that donald on the far right in the playback section? i give u the scan. http://www.khinsider.com/images/JumpFesta08/bbs_scan.jpg
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    wait...ven? i dont think ven can summon the nobodies bcoz theres no nobodies or heartless before kh1
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    u guys think we will be able to control the nobodies like samurai in kh 358/2?
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    how riku became ansem

    soo....wats ur point? we all knew that. that's old
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    12.20.2007 KH:Coded - "Jump" Magazine Translation

    thx!i looking forward to the next translations
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    roxas n keyblade

    if u look in the new scan,u would see roxas using the kingdom key... is that mean roxas originally keyblade is kingdom key? then why is he using oblivion and oathkeeper?
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    slim ps2 cant read clean kingdom hearts 2

    lol,at my place(malaysia).i can buy it for rm5(maybe 2.50$ something like that at america)
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    amazing theory in my opinion. again,amazing theory. no offense..but sora maybe is a leader but he isnt acting like one..(if u know wat i mean)
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    KH2 Character Songs. Singing org members.

    cloud song is hillarious!! hahaha!!
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    the knight

    i dont exactly understand this.. but in kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ why did terra appeared in disney castle? not only that why is the portal to the past near the cornerstone of light? it didnt make any sense
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    new scene??!

    maybe someone know the answer of this thread. btw im just checking. check out this new scene translated of kingdom hearts 2 final mix+. YouTube - kingdom hearts 2 final mix new scene 4 translated now at the last part of the scene,xemnas(i think that was him) said "its been a long time.... my...
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    New enemy image

    wow, i wonder who control them...
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    A Theory on the New Enemy and Master Xehanort

    can someone explain to me what is he trying to say?
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    New Symbol

    who knows? maybe it is a trade mark symbol for terra and his gang. maybe they are heartless but good one
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    KH2: end of the game

    WHAT!!! sephiroth is easier in kh1 in my opinion. in kh2 i almost give up fighting him. :angry:
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    Roxas/Sora battle

    i know this isn't related to the forum but.... where is roxas now? is he living inside sora?
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    Roxas/Sora battle

    maybe sora had a lot of experience from fighting all the nobodies and heartless... meanwhile roxas is just a new keyblade newbie who did not has enough experience... LOL!