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    In search of a picture~

    I've been looking for ages on google, photobucket & the screenshots here on KHinsider but I can't find a screencap of the moment roxas awakens sora when he's in that flower. I really need that picture because I'm drawing it for one of my art exams. So do any of you guys have it? I'd be so...
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    Whatever happened to fusion?

    I remember last year on this forum someone said you can fuse with Donald. They saw a vidio, or picture, or something? I've finished KH2 just now, & it's never happened. xD Was it bogus?
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    KH3 - Wanted Worlds!

    What worlds would you like in the next KH game? Mine are: -Shrek -The Incredibles -Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    KH2 is FINALLY in England. I had to leave this forum as to avoid spoilers, but now i'm back!
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    I'm hoping proud mode is harder, because standard is just piss easy
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    Good and Bad points of KH2?

    You complain a lot about how the "fanboys" ruined a lot of things, they did, I agree. However you do say this: "*No scene with Sora kissing Kairi" Fangirl contradiction is my favourite type of contradiction!
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    Good and Bad points of KH2?

    good points: more fun fighting. more fun gummi ship. better worlds. bad points: the "new" feature. too easy. confusing as hell.
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    Realisticly haven't we been...

    Re: realisticly havent we already been roxas Thanks a lot.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    What about England???
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    Can somebody /please/ explain to me WHAT Ansem is talking about?

    Throughout the entire game he just goes on & on & on about things that don't make sense! Seriously it's just "Darkness" This. & "Heart" That. It's confusing x.x
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    i liked both
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    KH2 already finished....

    nobody knows they're taking their time mind... guess that means it'll be even better than we thought so i'm good either way
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    Favorite Keyblade

    metal chocobooooo
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    ff9 in KH2?

    i bloomin hope so i love vivi and ff9
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    how far in one try!

    i think i got to leon and yuffie on my first try...
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    what worlds do you want in KH2

    Outlaw Star
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    I know people dont like these posts and im sorry but...

    haha yeah i know. i've downloaded this gba thing off limewire and the game but it's way to complicated to work xP it has been out for ages, but i got kingdom hearts when it first came out, finished it, didnt bother with it till i played it again about a month ago and now i really want CoM
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    The KH Matrix

    that would be cool! but imagine if they made a matrix world xD
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    I know people dont like these posts and im sorry but...

    i can't find CoM anywhere not one place in england anyway i suppose i could order it off eBay, but my dad hates that so does anybody who lives in england (liverpool preferably xD) know what shops still sell it?
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    not really that new but....

    Does anybody know if you can get replies off here emailed to you? so you know you've had a reply in the forums....