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    Kingdom Hearts One ... or Two?

    I haven't been on in a while, and i'm sure there are tons threads like this, but i wanted to make this to get some direct feedback and to get a chance to express my own view on the subject, as well. So ... i want to know: Do you prefer Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts TWO? I also want to hear...
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    Aerith's got waaaaayyyy better in AC though. And so did Sephiroth.
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    Hint in Advent Children Revealed

    Yes, it's true. I THINK i've figured it out. Nomura stated in one of his interviews that the hint to his and the rest of SE's next product would be hidden in Advent Children. However, he did say it would be unrelated to Kingdom Hearts, although, maybe it was just an indication, dunno. Anyway...
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    Love Story

    Good point. But, hey, it won't be too long. *shivers* No offense to anyone, but I just don't think it's what Walt Disney would like to see ... nor the fans of classic Disney. Although, The Lion King featured incest. So...
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    Cid doesn't bug me. Just because in FFVII, he was vulgar and kinda seemed like a hick to me at times. I can see that working fine. But ... AERITH!! Lord, have mercy! She was one of my favourite characters, and still is, but her and Sephiroth (although, SOME of him I blame on the lines) were...
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    Xehanort is the Shadow

    ^ I THINK he lost his heart in it, to the darkness, not necessarily becoming a Heartless by true definition though. OR it might have been that Xehanort didn't loose it until he plunged into darkness. Dunno. As for his death; I forgot about his return in CoM. Go figure. He was defeated in...
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    Xehanort is the Shadow

    I finally figured it out! Thanks to Nitehawk! See, since Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless both died in Kingdom Hearts (the Realm, not the name of the series) then they were absorbed by it. Thus, the Heart and the Body&Soul were reunited, giving birth to the Complete Xehanort. The...
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    Love Story

    The reason is simple: The storylines in Disney movies are usually traditional (non-homosexual) love stories and KHII came right in the middle of a lot of those romances... And, on the Riku x Sora, Axel x Roxas things, I suppose it COULD be ... ya know. But I think it would be best to look at...
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    Guess the Org. member that visited Agrabah in KH2

    I think it was Luxord; it looked like he had a mission to go between the worlds and try to find a weapon (Grim Reaper in Port Royal for instance) worthy of the Org XIII's use, similar to why Pete was there.
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    Xehanort/Keyblade Theory

    Now, there were several reason I believe this, most are pretty Ok I guess, but I am convinced that Xehanort was a Keyblade master ... Here's why: He has no memories of his past, and it was indicated his past will play a role in KH3, in which there will be a Keyblade War. In Ansem's Reports...
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    will still never know zexion weapen was

    No. Not really. That was just because Xemnas is much stronger than the others... As for Zexion, Nomura DID say he would reveal his weapon. It might be a Keyblade; I dunno. I think it's more likely Xehanort was a former Keyblade wielder.
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    1 dragon 3 knighs 3 keyblades masters and one badguy left

    Even though I have NO idea what the overall theory the thread-creator is trying to establish, sorry man, I do think it's possible that Zexion is the Shadow Enigma (please, I'm trying to start something, like BHK, so call him this to be more clear, or SE). I think it looks like SE is wearing a...
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    Xemnas/Sephiroth Battle Scenario

    OK. Here's how I'm HOPING this'll work: After I begin this, the next poster will begin a battle sequence and describe, in 1-3 sentences, a small segment of the battle (for example: Xemnas pulls out two energy swords while Sephiroth brandishes his masumae [Sp?]). Now, after 49 posts, not counting...
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    If kh2 was canceled right now...

    I would go up to President Bush and order an invasion of Japan until the time comes when they release it to us... 'Cause God knows Bush is a KH fan.
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    KH2 ending not sad enough...

    So I've heard. But I want to hear from those who are fans of tragic endings... I don't care about KH2 ending right now... (no offense; I'm very greatful SOMEONE finally responded)
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    Need help locating a scene

    It happens somewhere near the beginning... not at the very beginning though, obviously, because Roxas was still in Twilight Town then... Roxas v. Sora is near the end...
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    KH2 ending not sad enough...

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    KH2 ending not sad enough...

    Title says it all. No. I haven't seen it, but my friend has, and he says the ending did not seem sad to him. That's all I need. I was watching the ending to Final Fantasy X earlier (if you haven't played this game yet, do so) and I remembered KH1. KH1's ending paled in comparison... Geez... I...
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    The LYRICS for Santuary!!!

    Well, if TwilightSoulKey says so... it must be true... Also, did you know that the moon landing was faked in a studio in Northern Mexico where they also pre-record the Superbowl every year? Yes ^_^, I have a lot of insider info... and a few crackpot theories...
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    Demyx and Larxene original name( minor spoiler)

    It's not there anymore. Totally fake. The reason we can know (or the reason we want to know) the others' names, is because they were the disciples of Ansem the Wise. The others do not have that kinda of background...