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    KH:Ansem's "Idea"

    This is a 'More or Less' KH RP...it is a schoolish enviroment.... Plot(If you REALLY want to call it a plot...):Ansem had this "crazy" idea to fuse heartless DNA into kids/teens.People(Malificent,Jafar,Oogie Boogie,ect.)called it a "crazy thing" because they thought it to be impossible.Oy were...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Novalized

    even though i not a fan of following the game...i'll make it so you dont have to double post :)
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    Fanfiction ► Storytime!!!!

    Note:My classmate originally worte these story(ies)i'm just making parodys;I am NOT an:Ansem,BHK,Axel,or any other organization member's fan-girl(if that ever comes up) These will include me,sora,kairi,bhk,and the other KH cast.Oh and if you think this has no plot...there is no...
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    If sora.....

    here is another question...will Sora hold his keyblade in his moth...or will he be able to stand on his hind legs...
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    Why do we hate Pete?

    simple: he is a fat oaf....
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    Pete in lion king world

    but this is more recent than that one
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    Pete in lion king world

    *runs and gets bugs;stuffs bugs into oogie* I'd have to say Oogie...
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    Pete in lion king world

    Oh.My.GOD!Tell the little kids to sheild their eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The worlds have been thrown into complete chaos.Ansem is back,and everyone thinks he is responsible for the chaos.The heartless have done somthing to the hearts of the worlds.When the heartless take someones heart,the heart breaks into shards,and only the person closest to that person can save...
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    TNMBC:Forgotten Memories(retry)

    Ok,being the lazy person that I am....I'm not gonna post the intro....just a summary. Shock,being the little witch that she is,eraced a little girl's(aka: The Pumpkin Princess...)memory of all of Halloween Town.The girl is now 14 and lives in the mortal world.This is gonna take place after...
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    KH:The Next Generation(retry)

    It's been years since Sora was the keyblade weilder,20 years to be exact,he and Kairi now have a small family,Sora has given the keyblade to his oldest child.Riku has a child,my character, also,he has given his keyblade to her.Once again the worlds have been thrown into chaos -Rules-...
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    Fanfiction ► ridicilus!SORA GO TO SCHOOL!

    it's anything but funny...don't continue...like cloud unchained said...and neo sora was being sarcatic...
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    Family RP

    In this role-play,you make a family,and the people in the family,and their house.They live in the Poconos(moutains in Pennsylvainia).So dress warmly!! Template- Family Name: # in family Names: Ages: Genders: Postions(mom,dad,little sister,ect): Appearences: Jobs(not for anyone 12 and...
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    KH2 fun question...

    hmmm...i'll say...LOCK SHOCK AND BARREL!!!especially lock....(fan girl...i'm probably one of the only ones...heh)
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    Keyblade Wars

    I got this idea when my teacher said that in case of an emergency(tornado,terorist attack) there is a tunnel that leads to the church(i go to a catholic school) The keyblade broke into shards:Chaos,love,,joy,wisdom,nightmare,darkness.There is also the :chaos sheild&staff,love...
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    Utari Mitsukais

    Utari Mitsukais There is a spitulal world,with two teritories,home to angels and demons.The angels and demons have been at war for years.Now they are half human(where the "Utari" comes in).Each group has a queen and king.The demons have to captive angel pricesses,Samantha,14,and...
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    KH2 Episodes

    that would be...interesting.*backs away slowly*
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    what happen to sora in chian of memories

    i think KH2 will start there.Although I have not played the came i HAVE saw screenshots...the end you see sora with somthing like a cloud i think...then i saw KH2 screeshots with the same pic...i think....it was a long time ago... ^_^;
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    Hospital RP

    Ok this is a Hospital RP. Template- Patient Name: Gender Age: Reason: (why youre at the hospital) Appearence: Room: Doctor: Doctor or Nurse- Name: Age: (21-21+) Gender: Nurse or Doctor: Specialty: Patient: Rules- ANYONE CAN BUMP Although each doctor or nurse has a patient they DO...
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    Anthro RP(you chose)

    Choose one: 1)Anthro Family-0 2)Anthro High School-1 3)Adventure-0 4)KH-0 5)Resturaunt-0 6)Hospital-0 Rules- Must be anthro(animal/human) Can have powers and weapon(keyblades included if a KH rp) No godmoding Minor Powers I will post template when what type of rp this will be Post dylan...