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    dissapointed with summons

    i used stich jus for fun and to get the HP orbs
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    Need help on Xaldin.

    i need help wit demyx
  3. Q

    Problem with mickey helping....

    who u pose to b?!?! ill do wat i please
  4. Q

    Problem with mickey helping....

    well cAn sum1 help me wit demyx fight den?
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    Problem with mickey helping....

    im fightin demyx at hollow bastion n i hav died lik a hundred times (not really) but mickey wont come help me. wats goin on? how many times do i have to die?
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    About Demyx

    im at demyx fight at hollow bastion now. he's hard to me. can sum1 help me.
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    Second chance!

    how do i get da ability second chance?
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    Help with Scar!!!

    Can someone tell me how to beat Scar? He just wont seem to die!
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    help wit haunted mansion in twilight town!!!!

    where is it?
  10. Q


    thats boring
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    Atlantica World

    I know its supposely a musical world and you have to find chapters(like torn pages) to play a new level but is it a part in that world when you play regular. And when do we go to the land part? Reply back!
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    Help with 100AcreWood!!!

    I know this is stupid but how do I reattach torn pages? I just can't find out!
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    KH2 Best Boss Battle

    i liked xaldin- jus cuz of mickey
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    Hoped you like Sephiroth before cause (Spoilers)

    don't flame- what world is this?
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    Disney Villans

    i think so because pete is afraid of her
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    I know all the summons!

    The summons are: -Stitch -Chicken Little -Pongo -Genie! -Peter Pan! -Tinkerbell!
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    NEW characters confirmed!

    I was watching the new PV and thre's a scene with the back of Malecifent. In front of her is .............................. the blue faerie from Sleeping Beauty!
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    KH2 New Character Announced

    i dont see it
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    In my opinon, I think the Lion King world is going to be lame.

    Well he just messes it up to me. I think they shouldnt have put him in the game except for SBW world. We dont need to see him in the Underworld!