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    Meaning of BBS?

    Ventus went to sleep, Sora was born... in a way? Wow, never thought of it that way lol. That gives me an idea of what it means.
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    Meaning of BBS?

    So when I first heared of bbs i thought that was a weired title. I thought once i beat the game id know what it means ( just like 358/2 days). My question is what does birth by sleep mean?
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    No secret movie?

    Thanks guys for helping me. I havent got BBS yet and i just wanted to know if there was a secret ending cut-scene in the NA version.
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    No secret movie?

    If i remember right, khinsider put up a post months ago saying something like that
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    No secret movie?

    I heard for the NA version of BBS there is no secret 10 min movie or whatever and they're saving that ending for the NA version of RE:Coded will have it instead, is this true?
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread UR comparing Terra's voice with Batman's from The Dark Knight? Of course they're not going to sound alike!
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread I know you guys said no wiki or IMD or whatever. But if u listen closely to Terra in the E3 trailer, it really sounds like Christian Bale using a lighter tone in his voice.
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    my review on coded's story

    Can't say its a bad game i only read an english summary of the episodes. And from what i read there wasnt much. Im just saying, what happened to seeing where Mickey has been during the events of the first Kingdom Hearts?
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    my review on coded's story

    First impressions: when i saw the first trailer for this game, i assumed this game would reveal where Mickey had been during the events of the first KH. My evidence from the trailer with this quote from Mickey. ''Sora, on that day your journey began here. I was here on that day too. I'm going to...
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    Future Final Fantasy characters in Olympus Colisium

    As u all know, Zack Fair has been confirmed to appear in BBS in olympus colisum. This made me notice that for every entry in the KH series, there is a new FF character to meet up with the heroes. (exception being COM and 358/2 days) For example: KH- Cloud KH2-Auron BBS-Zack So I wanted to know...
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    Lexaueas and Xeahnort's Heartless.

    Remember when Lexaeus was killed by a Xeahnort's Heartless possed Riku? I have a few questions that need to be answered please. 1. Was Xehanorts' heartless that was haunting Riku the real one that somehow survived inside Riku? Or is it a copy, like a real convincing double? Or is it Riku's...
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    BBS Travel

    I was looking through the Japanese website of BBS right? I went to see the worlds section of the website and the worlds are scattered across space. And to see the information of the worlds, I used Ven and his armor and glider thing we saw in the recent trailer to get to those worlds! Could that...
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    KH2, a terrible game?

    Ive read everyones reply. And i have to agree with some of u with the issues in this game. But like i said i never saw anything bad about the game.I liked everything they put in it. The drive modes were awesome and helpful, liked the worlds, etc. The game wasnt that easy, I mean i died for the...
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    Organization 13

    Xemnas is my favorite member. He's the most powerful member of the organization. He's cool and extremely intelligent. :cool:
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    Brother Bear

    I know there are other threads relating to future worlds of KH, but this mainly pertains to the Brother Bear world. Any fans of Brother Bear? I think this should be one of the worlds in a future KH title. Kenai would make an awsome ally! Im still wondering what's better, Sora and co. in their...
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    KH2, a terrible game?

    Ok, ive been looking through a few forums and ive noticed that some people say that KH2 was the worst entry in the series, Square ruined the sequel, etc. I thought that the game was awesome. It passed all my expectations when I first finished playing it. Great story, entertaing gameplay, etc. Im...
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    They look EXACTLY the same?

    In the new trailer for BBS, we saw Even, Dilan, and Aleaus before they turned into their nobody counterparts. But why do Even and Aleaus look exactly the same as their nobodies? I noticed that with Xehanort and Sora that although their facial features were the same, the only thing that changes...
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    Pointy elf ears

    This might not be much of a big deal but has anyone noticed that Xehanort, Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix, and Master Xehanort have pointy elf ears? Not sure why these people in particuler have pointy ears. Also on a side note Xehanort's Heartless doesn't have pointy ears which i find strange, seeing how...
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    Disney or Square Enix?

    I have been wondering about this for a long time now and I wanted to know what you guys think. Who do you think the kingdom hearts original characters belong to? Disney, Square, or both? Reminder that kingdom hearts characters include Sora, Xehanort, Hayner, heartless, Organization XIII, etc. As...