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    Caption Contest

    How many people actually did this ?? I did. And does anyone know when the results will be in ????
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    100% complete missions/crowns/sigils/items

    Sweet .. I got Sora and King Mickey already,, and all i need from the crowns is that one ring which has 100% resistance to everything, and i need alot left to go in the sigils (there so HARDD)! But with the ultima weapon, I cant helpp.
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    Halloween Town in Days

    OK !! So in the area where you fight the Coffin heartless, if you up towards the sky, there is a blocked section at the peak of the cliff. And on the map it shows that it is an accessible area. So, how do you get up there????
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    Any ideas for a signature ??

    Uhmm yeah..... So I totally suck with signature pics. So I was wondering if you guys could show me your ideas for me ?? If I choose yours I'll rep you!
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    358/2 keyblade

    So apparently there is some type of keyblade that isn't a hack and you can actually use it as a panel-type weapon (like every other one). And I have NO IDEA what it's called or how to get it!!! It kinda looks like a lightning bolt, and it's yellow and blue I think. And a lot of people told me it...
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    Xion bonds with Sora

    Im still confused on beating Xion. So when I destroyed her (yes, DESTROYEDD HER!) she turns into like crystals and explodes. So what I don't get is how she got back to Sora. Roxas had to step into the pod Sora was in and they formed or w/e. But how would that work with Xion??? Please and Thanks....
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    Roxas Journal

    So uhmm... I was playing days today, and I was looking at Roxass Journal, and there are two days(27&28) which seem to have journals. But on the missions in story mode, there is no 27 or 28. So how would that work out???? Please and thank ya'!
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    Keyblade Appearance

    So everybody knows that different types of keychains change the appearance of the keyblade, right? And the main look has the Mickey Mouse keychain. So I was wondering, what would it look like without a keychain? I dont really understand, so anyhting helpful will be grateful !!!!
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    358/2 Defeated

    Just thought I'd say that...... FINALLY ! I beat the storymode. It was pretty hard for me, but I managed it. Coolest Thing: EVERYTHING! Lamest Thing: The game slowed down alot for me. Now all I have to do is the side missions and unlock verything else.
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    Unlocking Mickey/Sora

    you have to beat all regular missions to be eligible to unlock thr return of the king for sora, you have to get 100% game completion to be eligible to unlock the soul of sora you get both from the moogle i already have mickeyy
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    Confused On Mickey

    Uhmm.... just thinking about this today, and something got me confused. How can King Mickey weild the keyblade? I always thought that there could be one ruler? If thats true or not, then how did he get it? Did the keyblade choose him too? Please and thanks. (PS- I couldnt find another thread...
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    Carnival rides

    Purteyy simple question . What's your favorite carnival ride ???
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    Terra is Xehanort theory 2

    thats pretty sweet,dude i dont know about TAV yet, but that could very well be plausible.
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    Biggest losers

    Hi. In my opinion, the biggest loser is the DUMBEST SHOW EVERR ! Please let me explain. it's about a competition that obese(if that's the right term) people that go ahead and compete to see who can lose the fastest weightt. And the people who lose the least amount of weight will have to go home...
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    KH Manga

    Hey !! i just bought 3 new KH manga books today. Kinda funny how they arent exact to the games. And theyre funny. Do you guys like the mangas too ???
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    meet for the first time

    wouldnt it be cool in a future KH game, nomura makes it so roxas and sora MEET !? OMGOMGOMG ! I think thatd be cool your thoughts ?
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    2 missing cards

    NOTE- I didnt see a KH:CoM forum section so I put it here. In KH:CoM, I have EVERY CARD in the deck(all weapons, people,heartless). But, there are two missing slots. From research, there is supposed to be 2 cards, like a gold and platinum. Is this true, and if so, how do you obtain them??
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    Help Me People !

    Hi, I am a new person to this KHinsider forum thing, if some of you havent noticed yet. Im not sure on how everything works on this, so I have a few questions. 1. How do I make sure my thread is under the right "category"? (On one of my forums, someone said to make sure it's in the place it...
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    Riku's voice? ..

    I think it's harder for him to do it. Like in KH:CoM, he sounds like the riku in KH2 more than KH1. So unless Riku hit puberty between KH1 and CoM, IDK . That's just mee, though. Good thread, too .
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    Ansems Machine(HELP!)

    Ok, so in KH2, Ansem and Mickey are using that white machine that is doing something to the Kingdom Hearts. I have NO IDEA what the heck it is doing, or what it is. Is it like sucking it into the machine like a vacuum, or what? PLEASE HELP! P.S.-If it IS sucking it up, would that mean that...