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  1. no1BLEACH~KHfan

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -The Story So Far- Coming October 30th for PlayStation 4

    For some reason i was thinking it was a book XD (i didnt see the ps4 part) if it were a book i would have got it..... hmmm pretty sure this one will come with a pin at some point lol
  2. no1BLEACH~KHfan

    Are the secret endings a must watch ?

    The secret endings are just a teaser to the next game so you dont technically have to watch most of them to understand anything, you could always watch them on youtube if you want to see them
  3. no1BLEACH~KHfan

    Will Kingdom hearts III opening scene contain some sort of poem or letter?

    A long time since i posted here but was wondering what people thought on the possibility of there being some sort of poem or letter addressed to someone during the main opening or on the main menu if left idle... and what do people think it might be about. Kingdom hearts had Sora contemplating...
  4. no1BLEACH~KHfan

    Can someone tell me why Kairi forget Sora ?

    Kairi was actually the only confirmed person, who wasn't in contact with Sora to retain some of her memory of him. Namine could make it so that all memories were wiped from everyone but she couldnt totally alter kairi's ...she said it was because she was the 'shadow of kairi'..so her nobody...