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  1. Sev13

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Site Update

    The site have some update's like character's and their worlds can download a wallpaper featuring Terra Ventus Aqua and Mickey. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX | SQUARE ENIX
  2. Sev13

    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    that's what i tought months ago
  3. Sev13

    Merchandise: BBS Keyblade Keychains

    i am definitely getting terra's earthshaker
  4. Sev13

    The best Eraqus lingering Sentiments theory yet! (maybe)

    This might be a good theory but soon the truth will be revealed.
  5. Sev13

    Favorite Command and Command Style?

    Command: Terra:Ars Solum Ven:Faith Aqua:Raging storm Style: Terra:Dark Impulse Ven:Wingblade Aqua:Blade Charge
  6. Sev13

    Anyone know the maximum hp for all three characters?

    I remember i had in japanese bbs like 160 HP with terra
  7. Sev13

    What's your favorite battle music?

  8. Sev13

    mirage areana

    I remeber when i beaten the final episode and loaded terra's and ven's these two challenges appeared in my report.
  9. Sev13

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    Re: Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info What new Finla fantasy dissida?
  10. Sev13

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Official Strategy Guide

    Will there be a kh bbs official guide for europe and uk?
  11. Sev13

    Just one day for europeans!

    i am getting the game today after school.
  12. Sev13

    UK Gets BBS Special Edition

    Finally a uk special edition
  13. Sev13

    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    anybody think's that uk gonna have one.
  14. Sev13

    What will you do before BBS's release?

    Gonna try and finish kh bbs jpn 100%.
  15. Sev13

    TAV Keychains~

    i wished they were on ebay i would have them all a specially earth shaker because to me it's a awsome keybalde.
  16. Sev13

    Who created Cavern of Remembrance?

    who has created Cavern of remebrance i been told that is told in kingdom hearts bbs but where, i think it was vexen but i am not sure.
  17. Sev13

    Birth by Sleep European Characters Trailer

    Cool Finally Some quality uk gameplay, can't wait for the game.