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    Sora and Riku's new duds.

    I just hope he doesn't lose his Form changes with the new clothes. MUST HAZ FINAL FORM SORA
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    N3DS Conference KH3D Analysis

    No idea. I just hope this doesn't end up becoming a "mash triangle to pwn boss" situation again. even though it looked really cool. It'd work if all they did was make it so you can't just mash the button, you have to actually time your wall jumps. something to make it so that it's not stupidly...
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    N3DS Conference KH3D Analysis

    it appears that you wall jump by mashing y. I am disappoint.
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    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    someone needs to put those gatchaman videos up on youtube.
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    mind/soul, BBS Spolers

    eh I think they knew enough to fix that. Remember, the secret ending was Roxas asking Riku where Sora is. "Another side, another Story".
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    What exactly is Xion?

    It's a copy! It's a clone! [/pokemonthefirstmovie]
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    mind/soul, BBS Spolers

    Yeah I know I shouldn't overanalyze but to me, if it doesn't make sense, it looses some of the fun factor. I have a hard time enjoying something if I don't understand it. So basically, no one really knows the specifics of Namine and she's a big "I have no clue" moment. And sora stopped being a...
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    mind/soul, BBS Spolers

    so feelings and emotions are attached to the heart, whearas the personality and actual character are attached to the soul, correct? also. If the body and soul stay together, then how were sora and roxas and namine able to exist at the same time? They all shared one body and soul, as detailed in...
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    mind/soul, BBS Spolers

    so when people die they go to the Realm of Darkness?
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    mind/soul, BBS Spolers

    Oh yeah. The whole 'soul leaving is death' thing. I'd forgotten about that XD I was about to make an observation that in KH 1 we were introduced to Heartless, the by products of a soul leaving a heart. (Heart aspect) In Kh2, we were introduced to nobodies, the remains of a strong willed person...
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    Does game mode change max HP in BbS?

    I am trying to decide how to go about getting the secret ending lol I played through all three on standard and am fairly close to completing all reports, but those last few items on my list take FOREVER to get. I've completed aqua 100% and I've got like 99% for Ven. Terra still has a ways to go...
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    mind/soul, BBS Spolers

    Question about Birth By Sleep. At the end, immediately after MX takes over Terra's body, Terra's armor forms together to fight him. Terranort then says something along the lines of, "Your body and heart submit. Why does your mind resist?" I was under the impression there were three parts of a...
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    Ven's heart

    I am writing a small kingdom hearts fanfic and I hit a block because I'm not entirely sure what happens to ven's heart. I know its inside Roxas, but is Ven still 'aware of himself' inside roxas, or does he think he is roxas, or does he even still think at all? Ven was unconsious and his heart...
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    Command Board Question

    I'm in the middle of a game on royal board in an attempt at getting the rare commands. I bought the Meteor Shower command, and I landed on it again. I was given the option of swapping the cards on the space. If I swap cards, and place a different card on the space and put Meteor shower in my...
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    The X-Blade, Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D... Connected?

    How did mickey get ahold of the KKD?
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    Xion and the confusion at the end

    But Roxas and Namine exist more realistically, right? They can still see and think, but they have to stay within the bounds of thier others. Sora and Kairi would be like TV in a sense to Roxas and Namine. The nobodies would see through the eyes of their others, but are unable to act. Do I have...
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    Xion and the confusion at the end

    Aight. So if Xion is talking to them after she's died, then where is she exactly? Would her 'being' so to speak, reside within the memories that no one remembers?
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    Xion and the confusion at the end

    I gotcha lol so when did Nomura say Oblivion and Xion were connected? Was it an interview?
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    Xion and the confusion at the end

    Oh yeah, there is that tiny scene where the voice talks again. I had to go back and watch the whole ending again. But... Riku wasn't holding Oblivion when the voice spoke to him. Roxas had just attacked him with both Oblivion and Oathkeeper and Riku took the hit, then the voice came in, then...
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    Xion and the confusion at the end

    Are we talking about the same scene? I'm referring to Deep Drive when the arbitrary voice tells Riku, "Riku, please! You have to stop him!"... I thought that was what we were all talking about lol now I'm confused