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    2 new bbs Screen Shots!!!!!!!!!

    Source: Ve3tro.com: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep arrives in Summer for Europe Source: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets a Summer release, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP News | GamesRadar
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    OK THIS IS A RUNDOW ON THE WHOLE GAME OF BBS. DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SOILED! OK HERE WE GO! KHBbS Play Diary This is the spoilery version, so please pay attention before you read. I think that people will come here through searches anyway, so as soon as the clock rolls...
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    wait. what? malificent?

    i was wonderin how mlifacent came back to life in kh2. since sh came back to life does that mean that the org 13 can come back to life??????
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    i think that vanitus is axels human lea because he can have a connection to ven like sora did to riku... idk thats what i think.
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    vanitis is soras dad. he is played by the actor that plays sora so that leas me to think that way...
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    Teardops on axel=

    well, im sure mosrt people have herd of lil wayne right? well if not he is a rapper with 3 teardrops on his cheaks. i looked into what thoose teardrops mean, and found that the tears represent people that the person had killed looking at axels face, i noticed two teardrops... it hit me. does...
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    Sora's moms voice

    Does anybody no if Soras Mom has the same voice as Aqua in the japenise game??????
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    axel is obviously not dead

    KH-Vids.Net Video Player 1:15 ish this has probably come up before
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    ansem and xehonort...

    why is xehonort wearing ansems exact apperal?
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    official world selection

    its official: Castle of Dreams Deep Space Destiny Islands Dwarf Woodlands Enchanted Dominion Land of Departure Olympus Coliseum Radient Garden Twilight Town P.S will there be a re:358/2 or Re: BBS like there was for RE: com?
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    is there going to be a hercules world in bbs. because, in the 2nd trailer, master xehonort seemeed to be talking in hercules world...
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    bbs in english!!!!!

    well, i was looking at youtube vids of kh bbs, and i cam across a vid that had bbs scans with english writing on it. does anybody else no about this or is it old news?YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep NEW FAMITSU SCANS August 25 2009 HD HQ ENGLISH! the english is at about 510 in...
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    ventis/roxas connection

    ok this has probably turned up like 1000 times but stil...since roxas has no recolection of his past, doesnt that mean that he could have been ventus? comment!
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    oblivion not a keyblade?

    i was looking at pics of the oblivion keyblaade, and noticed it doesnt have a keychain. does that mean it is not a keyblade? maybe that it why riku can weild it!
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    maleficent nobody?

    this is kind of a kh1 post but it has to do with the future... in kh1 malifecent got her heart unlocked torelease her dragon form. doesnt that mean that she has some sort of a nobody, because sora does.. please respond!!!!!!!!!!!!