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  1. UltimaKeybearer

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Birth By Sleep AKA BBSV2 for the Playstation 3

    re: original '*JUST* Released! Kingdom Hearts Re:Birth By Sleep AKA BBSV2 for the Playstation 3 This game if true will give me the reason for me buying a PS3 but I think that this Nomura should be working on the other games that have been previously announced. Will it not be a good game if it...
  2. UltimaKeybearer

    Does anything occur?

    Thanks again... I just got all the cards and got scene. It's really quite annoying though, gathering all those pesky cards. Oh well!
  3. UltimaKeybearer

    Does anything occur?

    Thanks for the help everyone that posted!
  4. UltimaKeybearer

    Does anyone have a reason why?

    Just thinking, in the U.S we always get the original game. We get Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories and further on into the series. But we don't get the additions that go along with it. In the U.S we don't get KH1: Final Mix, we don't get KH2: Final Mix, we don't get KHBBS...
  5. UltimaKeybearer

    Does anything occur?

    In Castle Oblivion in Re:Coded and you have to collect all those cards, are they essential for anything in the story? I mean if I get all of them do i get a bonus item, or does a bonus cutscene happen?
  6. UltimaKeybearer

    Key to unlock hearts?

    Like in other forums i've said i've been playing the original Kingdom Hearts and was watching all the seqeuences with the key to unlock hearts and i was curious about maybe what you guys thought. Is there any other story or legend against that keyblade that could be told? Some other story that...
  7. UltimaKeybearer

    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    You just get items by playing the game and doing objectives right? I have barely anything on my guy and i thought you get a lot for beating the story but you never know what you are going to get.
  8. UltimaKeybearer

    BBS 2 will probably elaborate on Radiant Gardens

    Like in another thread Kh is getting really exspensive. We definatly know that Dream Drop Distance is on the 3DS ($250), the game will be like $35 of $40. Then we supposedly have BBS vol 2 ($40 or $50), plus buying the new system (on Gamestop for now read $999.99! Yeah! (it's temporary)) any...
  9. UltimaKeybearer

    Collection of the kh games on next-gen console?

    Was thinking about this the other day just playing kh1 and 2 and i thought, would it be a good or bad choice for say the ps2 kh's put into hi-def, but like it was the final mixes not the originals? Just because i was thinking people now a days don't really sit down to there ps2 and play a good...
  10. UltimaKeybearer

    Does game mode change max HP in BbS?

    i agree. i found it honestly the hardest with aqua at the beginning. maybe because her strong suit is magic and not strength?
  11. UltimaKeybearer

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Platinum Edition

    Oh sorry no i didn't see your post
  12. UltimaKeybearer

    Disney.com 358/2 Mini-Game

    okay wierdest thing. just because disney is side owner of Kh i figured there must be some kh stuff on disney.com and oh was i right. there was the wierdest un-related 358/2 day game ever. it was like tetris and every match was against a heartless. personally i didn't like it. just follow the...
  13. UltimaKeybearer

    Does game mode change max HP in BbS?

    Ya it is like win one lose one. "Yeah i'm good i'm going to play critical. wait...half life? double damage against me! oh thank god i have higher strength!"
  14. UltimaKeybearer

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Platinum Edition

    No i mean if you look on Ebay there is an actual platinum edition cover kingdom hearts 1 final mix.
  15. UltimaKeybearer

    Hey...wait a second..[3D]

    Read the other day this same discussion, about Riku and his weapon. Soul Eater was his "sword"/"keyblade" i think as a replacement for the keyblade. you saw riku take it away from sora at hollow bastion, so in Kh2 when he figured out how to control to darkness and was lifted from the darkness...
  16. UltimaKeybearer

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    No Agrabah honestly. It has been in every game except BbS Olympus Colliseum. I liked when it was just tournaments but now it has it's own story in every game. Atlantica. Annoying in both forms mermaid attacks (kh1) singing attacks (kh2) If anything i do not want Nomura to think that there is...
  17. UltimaKeybearer

    What is the guardian?

    I think the Guardian is like MX; Terranort; any version of him that uses the Guardian; the person inner darkness like people had said. In all the times we see him they work in unison. Kh1: Sora is fighting Ansem SoD with the Guardian and the Gaurdian comes over grabs Sora and Ansem does the...
  18. UltimaKeybearer

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Platinum Edition

    Is there really any signifigent difference of this version that normal final mix? Is the "platinum" just meaning all the additional items it comes with?
  19. UltimaKeybearer

    Does game mode change max HP in BbS?

    K thanks. Just worried because my Ventus on critical only had 86 hp and i though something else needed to be done.
  20. UltimaKeybearer

    Does game mode change max HP in BbS?

    I probably missed it in the guide or something but does the game level you play in (beginner; standard; proud; or critical) change the total hp you get in the game. From the guide and such i looked at the pictures and in almost every picture their hp is either in or beyond the ally summoner...