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  1. Joachim

    10 years of KHI

    Wow you're dedication to this website is amazing! Happy 10 years!
  2. Joachim

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    (My pockets are deeper >: D) Aylin – My Way (Lyrics) [CC] NASAYA - PATTERNS (ft. Sara Diamond) A-P Connection – All Your Love (feat. Ryan Konline) (Lyrics) [CC] HORNEEZ - Make Amends If You Want to Build a Legacy, You're Gonna Have to Break Some Leggs Amusement Park (From "NieR Automata")...
  3. Joachim

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Panchiko - Until I Know Taproot - Mine Kicking Cars Pale Think That's Too Wise Everything Everyway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrw-aMdDbJ4
  4. Joachim

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Bôa - Duvet (Lyrics) CUT VEXES- Plasticine
  5. Joachim

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Lovely Lonely Cat [GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE OST] Arknights CC9 Theme: Deepness Remix - Risk & Reward
  6. Joachim

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    Making and announcing a game before a next gen console is released is not a bright move to make by the development team behind KHIV. If they were to plan on release it on a potential PS6 in the Future it would essentially be a gamble because the console release could be pushed back and delaying...