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  1. venomblade

    So uh, where's AX?

    I haven't been on this forum for awhile, so I'm sure this has been discussed to death. But since Xemnas and Ansem SoD appeared as separate, undefeated entities in the RoS, do people like Mickey and Yen Sid not know that Xemnas is really Terra's body? They're trying to save TAV, but one of them...
  2. venomblade

    If Ven's heart is within Sora...

    When was that confirmed? I was under the impression, that we either assumed Xemnas was the holder of Terra's heart, or that some of Terra's memories leaked into Xemnas which is why he called Aqua's armor "friend".
  3. venomblade

    Possible NA Release Date for KH3D?

    During summer? Yessssssss. Gonna play it endlessly all through summer like I did last time with Persona 3 Portable lol.
  4. venomblade

    Kinda dumbstruck about the naming scheme of Heartless and Nobody

    Ya that's true lol. Nomura really is a master improviser, and I don't think I'd be able to call them otherwise after all of these years.
  5. venomblade

    Kinda dumbstruck about the naming scheme of Heartless and Nobody

    What I mean is...why is the holder of your heart called the heartless, and the body of the Somebody that is lacking a heart called a nobody? Wouldn't it be easier to call the heartless a nobody because they usually turn into a shadow or a variation of that, so they've lost their image as...
  6. venomblade

    Famitsu Screenshots - The Grid, Radiant Garden, Mysterious Tower

    Just to confirm, about what it said on that sshot, translated to "In The Grid, when you touch all the (code) word of the same color in the bottom screen, you can use a special trick you can hack the turret and fixed enemy, depending on the combination."
  7. venomblade

    Something tells me Sora isn't going to survive 3D

    You know what I want to know, I'd like to know what the first ending they went with would've been. Can't remember where I read this, but iirc Nomura was saying how they had to change the ending and I can't remember why...it makes me think the true ending was too "dark" and now we're stuck with...
  8. venomblade

    Birth By Sleep on PC?

    JPCSP and PCSP are horribly coded and need a gargantuan of a PC to run. You'd be better off just getting a used psp 1000 somewhere.
  9. venomblade

    Do you think this is what they decided to do with AX's character?

    That's exactly what I'm saying, thank you.
  10. venomblade

    Do you think this is what they decided to do with AX's character?

    Since the heart has a role on your appearance and what not and if you remember the first KH3D trailer where it's clear MX regained his memories and summoned his keyblade to attack Braig. Do you think that because this happened, with MX in control again, the physical form of AX now again looks...
  11. venomblade

    Who do you think are the two remaining character spots on the site?

    Can we assume that the 4 spots are laid out for protagonists only?
  12. venomblade

    Who do you think are the two remaining character spots on the site?

    It could be Neku. However it just seems like Neku would be more of a world specific character, when Mickey and Lea would help Sora and Riku throughout the game. I don't see any reason to hide Mickey though, we all know who he is. Same could be said for Lea, but I guess it hasn't exactly been in...
  13. venomblade

    Who do you think are the two remaining character spots on the site?

    http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww116/valkyr09/Capture-3.png This is what I mean. I'm thinking Mickey and Lea? Does anyone know what it says above their head?
  14. venomblade

    King and Centaur Xemnas

    Had no idea those existed, wow, I hope they do!
  15. venomblade

    Who's sitting on the throne?

    Aw damn, was getting kinda excited about that and I guess it would've made sense to have the guardian there keeping Sora on lockdown so he wouldn't move. That squiggly line near the top right is a weird part of a backrest lol. edit: notice how the Guardian at the end, transitions to Sora right...
  16. venomblade

    Who's sitting on the throne?

    A friend of mine pointed this out http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww116/valkyr09/Capture-4.png doesn't it look like the guardian is behind sora? Like the two pointy parts of his head? That might be stretching it a bit too far..
  17. venomblade

    Who's sitting on the throne?

    Aha! I now notice Sora's spikey hair protruding, so it is him! So Mickey is trying to save him and is stopped by Xemnas. So looks like Sora is captured huh, and MX will finally have access to Ven's heart.
  18. venomblade

    Who's sitting on the throne?

    On the left picture I think it's Mickey, jumping at MX, but when Xemnas stops him and Ansem SoD stops riku, who's the additional person in the black cloak?(right picture) http://i.imgur.com/Qo8pa.jpg
  19. venomblade

    YMX different hair lengths in diff parts of the trailer?

    I'm pretty sure this has minimal to zero importance, but in the right pic he has Xemnas type hair, but the left pic it looks like his hair stops short from the back of his head and doesn't go down like the other pic. http://i.imgur.com/0iTx5.jpg
  20. venomblade

    When KH3D comes out in Japan, will you spoil yourself?

    Of course I"m talking about those who can't understand japanese. When all the rumorus we've been discussing finally get answers, will you try to learn as much about the game, therefore spoiling it for yourself before the US release?