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  1. Keystaff Master

    Can someone explain to me how Sora, Donald, and Goofy were stupid in KHII?

    Personally, I don't put "dumb" and "stupid" on the same level, that's just my choice of words. If I'm wrong by the dictionary sue me, but please don't nitpick. It what makes forum discussions not fun. :/ One's intelligence includes a lot of things: ability to learn, to reason, etc. I'm only...
  2. Keystaff Master

    Can someone explain to me how Sora, Donald, and Goofy were stupid in KHII?

    I see you point and I respect your opinion, but I never called him "stupid" I called him a "dingus". I don't think he's a complete idiot or anything, but in comparison to how he was in KH1 and CoM I would have to say he's not as smart. And when I speak of Sora's intelligence I'm not talking his...
  3. Keystaff Master

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    You know there's a lot of this talk of "Riku being the true chosen one", but is that really accurate to say? Of course we don't KNOW the exact legend of the chosen Keyblade Wielder in Kingdom Hearts, but it's not like it was a role specifically given to Riku by the Gods of the KH Universe. Being...
  4. Keystaff Master

    Can someone explain to me how Sora, Donald, and Goofy were stupid in KHII?

    I think it was mostly Sora in KH2 that was the dumb one. In fact, Goofy was the SMART one in KH2. Goofy new that Ping (Mulan) was a girl and he considered that Mushu's shadow WASN'T a heartless (while Sora and Donald just jumped him). Weird, but Goofy was the more observant one in the group...
  5. Keystaff Master

    Any theories on KH:BBS Volume 2?

    Well, it wouldn't have been a problem had they announced the game a while back. Now that we're so late into the PSP's lifespan things don't look good, but I still don't see the Vita being a solid choice financially. Considering the PSPs poor history up until its later days and the fact KH fans...
  6. Keystaff Master

    Any theories on KH:BBS Volume 2?

    For the sake of the fans, I don't surmise that they'll release it on the Vita because that would force the fan base to buy ANOTHER portable system when we already have to have access to at least three to be up to date on the series (DS, PSP, 3DS). Plus, they released FF Type-0 just recently, I...
  7. Keystaff Master

    Does anyone remember the pre kh2 days ?

    Pre-KH2 days... Back then I was a VIP member at the KHU forums (back when, you know, it was active... <;'[). I remember KHU being THE place to be, whereas I always looked down on sites like kh-2.net (it's information was ALWAYS out of date). Back when there was talk about Gummi Ships having...
  8. Keystaff Master

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    I wouldn't mind if they made a return, though I wish we could at least turn them off or something. :/ Considering some can be troublesome and you don't always mean to go into them (I'm looking at you, Ghost Drive).
  9. Keystaff Master

    [SPOILER ALERT!] What do you think will/want to be Retconned in DDD?

    I don't there's a need for anymore retcons. Things as they are now can be tied together pretty decently now, I think. Considering the first big retcon (Ansem, SoD being Xehanort's Heartless) was only made so that the series mythos can be expanded, I don't think the series requires anymore...
  10. Keystaff Master

    Drop Gauge Observation SPOILERS

    ...Then what's the point? /:[ Is it supposed to keep us on our toes or just annoy us? Seems like a waste of a bar really... :[
  11. Keystaff Master

    Drop Gauge Observation SPOILERS

    This might not be anything to go off of, but considering the other gauges that were located where the Drop bar currently sits were also filled simply by attacking (Drive and Focus).
  12. Keystaff Master


    You know, I personally like the CGI I've seen. I'm not saying it shouldn't be cleaned up a bit (you're right about the lighting), but personally I like the look better than KH2's CGI. It reminds me more of the simplicity of KH1's. I always thought KH2's looked TOO detailed and the contrast...
  13. Keystaff Master

    I thought of this a couple of days ago

    He's definitely talking about Pinocchio. The scrapped plot for the "prototype" Prankster's Paradise (then unnamed) in Days involved the Org. taking interest in a "doll with a heart". Since they didn't use it in Days, no doubt they'll use it in DDD no? (I expect to see Honest John and Gideon for...
  14. Keystaff Master

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    I could go on and on about what's wrong with KH2 when pitted against KH1 and even CoM, but it wouldn't be anything that hasn't already been described in detail. Most major critisims I agree with (gameplay, Sora, lack of character depth, etc.), but if I had to put simply what KH2 did that has...
  15. Keystaff Master

    [SPOILER] Question/Possible Theory about Unknown

    Personally, I think it's safe to say that YX IS MF. Based in part on model comparisons and when we take Occam's Razor to it (i.e. the most safe theory is the one that takes fewest assumptions). Let's throw some stuff out there: 1.) Generally human members of the Org. used weapons similar to...
  16. Keystaff Master

    [Spoilers] KH3D Famitsu Scans~!

    If there's platforming like KH1 I'm going to cry... <x'D
  17. Keystaff Master

    [SPOILERS] KH3D: Hopes and Fears. Like and Dislike.

    Okay, here we go: Likes: -The cast of TWEWY in Traverse Town -The Dream Eaters (being enemies and allies) -Notré Dame and Tron: Legacy -The costume changes -The return of the Command Deck Dislikes: -Umm, I actually don't have any direct dislikes... just fears. Hopes: -A return to the...
  18. Keystaff Master

    I'm starting to think that...

    It shouldn't be surprising that Pokémon is the first thing to come to mind: it's on a handheld platform, it involves collecting monsters for use in battle, etc. I'd chalk that more up to the presence Pokémon has though and less to it being a Pokémon rip-off or anything. Honestly, yeah, it's more...
  19. Keystaff Master

    [SPOILERS] So, three have are back to their original persona?

    Re: So, three have are back to their original persona? Considering the last time we saw Axel was his death after helping Sora in KH2 I'm surprised to see people considering him working for the nameless bad guys at all. /:[ Sure he was flip-floppy in the past, but his last appearance in KH2 just...
  20. Keystaff Master

    [SPOILERS] The theory to end all theories :D

    Your theory seems reasonable enough in my eyes, my only input: 1.) Characters like Mickey (and others) possibly WON'T remember Sora. Their worlds are asleep and supposedly "dreaming" right? I have a feeling that Mickey and such suddenly remembering Sora and Riku from YEARS prior would be a...