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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    It's true that Mark using that particular voice as ME would be disturbing... o_O; But I can see him using his natural voice for the role. Guess we'll have to wait for further info on which part he's got.
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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    I really do like the names I see in that list. I had no idea who Willa was until I looked her up, but after listening to her voice, I really do think that if her acting is up to scratch, she'll be able to do justice to Aqua's character. As for Mark Hamill, I think I'll go with him being Master...
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    (BBS)Not for PSP GO!?!

    Take it back and state that it's not what you wanted to buy, and that you want the regular PSP. They should give you a PSP and the difference in the cost refunded. If they refuse, threaten to take it up with their superiors and/or fair trade.
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    playing order

    Just remember that it's the recommended playing order, and not necessarily the way you have to play it. Those of you who want to play in a different order will be able to, it just means you'll get different parts of the story first.
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    Changing the language

    It's an unfounded claim. In all past games, it hasn't been possible to switch the audio, so I'd assume it's the same with BBS
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    What if BBS became a flop?

    Okay, financially speaking, BBS will not be a flop. The hype for the game created by fans alone is enough to support the franchise, let alone the additional hype that SE are creating. Story wise, I personally don't believe it will flop, but there is the possibility that fans may not be satisfied...
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    Downloading BBS - Could I...

    UMD stands for Universal Media Disk, and is what PSP games come on. They look like this:
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    Anybody importing the game?

    Guess I'm the one of the odd one's out in the crowd. Just pre-ordered my copy, so it should be in my mail box between the 14-19th Jan. I have a rudimentary understanding of the language, so I should get the basic gist of what's going on (and it's good language practice XD). And when the Eng...
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    zack in bbs

    As interesting as it would be to have Zack in BBS, I honestly don't think it will happen. Personally, I'd like to see Leon and the gang in Radiant Garden, even if they only make a cameo appearances. Might even get to see 'Leon' as 'Squall' instead, seeing as the reason he changed his name in the...
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    Went searching for voices. Agree that Crispin Freeman would be good for Terra, or someone else with an equally "manly" voice. For Aqua, I found a couple I personally like, although I'm sure most of you will think that they both sound too old. One is Christine Auten YouTube - Voice Acting -...
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    Well, I don't think Disney should use a singer or normal actor from their group. Instead, I'd think it'd be more appropriate for either: A) Square Enix to hold auditions for the roles. OR B) An external Actor/Actress to be contracted.
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    Vanitas' voice

    He's actually referring to the VA of Master Eraqus there. I agree. I don't care how many threads, vids and fake citations *coughkhwikicough* uneducated people make to say otherwise. I'll wait for a official announcement about it.
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    About Vanita's voice and Kingdom key

    Yes, don't believe the KH wiki, as Nomura has stated Here RECENTLY in Famitsu that it will be kept a secret for the time being.
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    Vanitas's voice actor Sora or Riku

    Yeah, but there are voice actors that while able to change their tone, are really, unable to change their pitch much from their real voice. Then there are other VA's that DO have the ability to change their pitch, some quite drastically. Even though Syaoran there sounds dead serious, the pitch...
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    Vanitas's voice actor Sora or Riku

    I did watch the vid. You've chosen a good bit there, but I still say no. Sure, the tone is the same, but the pitch of the voice is off.
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    Vanitas's voice actor Sora or Riku

    Sora's Japanese VA is Miyu Irono (also well known for doing Daisuke Niwa from DN Angel and Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicle). Riku's Japanese VA is Mamoru Miyano (also well known for doing Light Yagami from Death Note and Ling Yao from FMA: Brotherhood). Miyu sounds NOTHING like the...
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    new level up system

    Well, I'm assuming most people with give both a try and go with whichever they feel is the least tedious as their main leveling up medium.
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    Ah, Nice to finally see the new trailer. Was kinda going, "I've heard Vanitas's voice before..." then read the forums. He does indeed sound like Kadaj. Also, Master Eraqus's voice sounds familiar too. Yes, traditionally, Tinkerbell doesn't speak. But Disney now has 2 Tinkerbell movies out, so...
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    The banter between Cloud and Leon when they're back to back surrounded by heartless. Also, Belle socking it to Xaldin! And anything involving Demyx.
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    Hello all~ <3

    Well, hi there everyone. I finally decided to register. Been lurking around on the main page for more than a year now. So I guess I better introduce myself. ^_^ I'm miforever. I'm a 21 year old Uni student from Australia. I'm majoring in Japanese Language and it's my hope that one day I may be...