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  1. Another Key

    Tribute to Japan

    This post and all the posts following it are part of a a tribute to Japan, for all those people who have friends and family who live there. Japan has really done a lot for the world. (A.K.A. the Gaming Society of the world). They are the masters of technology and they share their culture with...
  2. Another Key

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    He's gone, no hope, in case you didnt notice part of the point of killing him was to add to Aqua's character, and she know owns (and will keep) his keyblade.
  3. Another Key

    Sora vs. Aqua

    Who is better? The protagonist of the series, or the most popular character? Actually, Aqua is closer to protagonist of the series than you think. If certain BBS V2 theories are correct its quite possible she helped worlds that were in the RoD, meaning that she is on par with Sora, as that...
  4. Another Key

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    She is probably going to die. Yeah, I love her but Normura is going to kill her to make us focus on Sora. It'll be just like how Eraqus died. For example, Aqua dies, fans rage, wish to kill Xehanort cause he killed her, and then get motivation to play through the storyline. --OFFICIAL...
  5. Another Key

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    AQUA HAS IT EPICALLY GOOD FANDOM WISE: Seriously its literally all I hear about KH nowadays. Normura even mentioned in an interview how popular she is getting. She's so popular that she has 3 playable scenarios, though Im only going to count the each as a new world and a new boss(and new...
  6. Another Key

    The Voices of Terra and Aqua

    Wait, why does everybody say the dub voices suck? Is it because I skipped all the japanese cutscenes on my bbs, so I dont know if Aqua's voice is better in japanese? Cause I did watch Blank Points, the opening scenes, and BBS Volume Two Trailer, and both sound alright, (I myself am inclined to...
  7. Another Key


    Hey guys, where's Terra? Yen Sid: Oh Mickey, Xehanort's Heartless and Xenmas or did so here comes the original being! (2 seconds later) Yen Sid: Master Xehanort will be revived! Wait, the original being was XEHANORT! RIGHT? The one with Terra's body? Well I guess Terra will officially dissapear...
  8. Another Key

    a good game ruined

    Ok, first of all NOTHING can ruin Birth by Sleep. Its too godly. Anyway, secondly, this WAS fixed in Final Mix from what I heard. Regardless, he is an extra boss, you don't have to fight him. If you think a boss, that at the moment, is COMPLETELY unrelated to the rest of the actual game (besides...
  9. Another Key

    The Gathering

    Remember that old secret movie in KH2? The Gathering? Yeah, did anybody notice this: Terra picks up the Kingdom Key, He ends up in the Realm of Light. Ventus picks up the Way to Dawn, He ends up in the Realm of In-Between. Aqua picks up the Kingdom Key D/Lightseeker/Darkside and she ends...
  10. Another Key

    Trinity Limit Power?

    Trinity Limit was supposed to be somewhat of a signature attack for Sora, Donald and Goofy since kh1 (Although, they totally failed at actually making it usable in KH1, the cost of using it was way too much, in Re:COM and KH2 it was better implemented and in Days, Xion's Final Form used it...
  11. Another Key


    UPDATE: So, yesterday I sent them an e-mail asking them about it, and they promised they would check availability of the first press copies and then ship it. Today, I checked my order status and it says ready to be shipped, that makes it sound like most likely, I will still get the DLC Bonus...
  12. Another Key


    Well, I ordered BBS FM from yesasia on the 21st of January, so I didnt pre-order it, just ordered the 2 days after the release (Oh C'MON THATS PRETTY FAST). YesAsia is still waiting for stock, and Im super-worried I wont get a first press copy, and Ill lose the DLC bonus. In case your wondering...
  13. Another Key

    Freezing in KH Games? Common or Uncommon?

    Recently, I got kh2 fm+ and managed to get it to work on my ps2 by using swap magic 3.6, and I used the tape and tissue mod to block the sensors (also note, I used special boot cuz normal boot fails). Yet the game seems to have a time limit. 30-40 min. after I start playing it freezes. I can...
  14. Another Key

    KH2FM saving issue

    Hmmm....lets see. 1.Try pushing ALL the different buttons when trying to save 2.Try slot 2 3.If none of this works, I HONESTLY hope you will be able to play kh2 fm somehow
  15. Another Key

    North American KH2 FM players, help me out!

    -This does NOT directly relate to kh2 fm but it is NECCESSARY in order to play kh2 fm- Well, anyway, my copy of swap magic just shipped and it came with a Magic Switch v4. The problem is, I have NO idea how to install Magic Switch v4. There are no installation guides around, as I could only...
  16. Another Key

    Kingdom Hearts 3D fighting system (Discussion)

    Drives CANNOT return. Sadly, drives were triggered using Soras KH2 clothing. (his MAGIC clothing) Since Sora is wearing his KH1 costume I have no idea how Normura would explain that. Actually I think one of the huge reasons normura is using kh1 sora in the first place is so he DOESNT have to...
  17. Another Key

    Fandub of This Scene (Anyone want to voice Xion?)

    hmmm....lets see. I would do this just to help you out, but: 1. Ima guy and my voicing of Xion would sound like crap 2. I absolutely suck at voicing 3. My voicing sucks 4. I suck at voicing characters 5. I have a sore throat, so Id probably suck at voicing 6. Im not skilled at voicing characters...
  18. Another Key

    Anybody know wtf is with Disney Town?

    According to my timeline,Terra was the last to arrive. Look at the BBS timeline. Just because Normuras recommended order is T/V/A, doesnt mean Aqua was the last to visit Disney Town, however, I think the timeline might actually CHANGE between games, as I played Terras story last.
  19. Another Key

    If you could take out one scene in KH2, what would it be?

  20. Another Key

    KH2FM+ Controls

    Gee, Im gonna go play Kh2 and start pressing O to attack and X to jump, just to pratice........although its going to be hard to adapt.....I ordered KH2 Fm and Swap Magic today, I bet its gonna a lot of fun. (Im going to rush through the game,skipping all scenes, until I get Limit Form. Then, Ill...