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  1. NuclearCheetos15

    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    Just a deep sigh and years of hype down the drain as Sora vanished off into yet another sequel come 2039. The rushed ending and gaping questions pretty much diminished my enthusiasm for the series. I won’t be leaving it completely as it’s been apart of me for so long, I’ll just be watching from...
  2. NuclearCheetos15

    Master Eraqus' Predicament?

    So I'm just looking to try my hand at making my first Kh fan fic, and with it, I wanted to stick to the lore as close as possible. With that being said, I've got a few questions that I can't seem to find any concrete answers to. Of course I know that a lot of other lore also don't have solid...
  3. NuclearCheetos15

    Birth by Sleep: Jump Festa 2008 Trailer

    Interesting indeed. You can just see how Nomura splattered these scenes onto the storytelling canvas and mushed it around until he came up with BBS. Ven apparently "rescued" Terra from something, implying he was going to be much more experienced and mature than what he ended up to be. Xehanort's...
  4. NuclearCheetos15

    Event Confusion(Possibly Heavy Spoilers)

    I would liken Riku's Journey to a simulation of sorts while Sora for the most part dealt with the real thing. However, simulation or not, Riku did swat down a bunch of Dream eaters and gained a ton of experience. Riku demonstrated he could do the same things Sora did if things were the other way...
  5. NuclearCheetos15

    Is Axel/ Lea "saved"?

    As the title implies, I was just curious about this. Axel for the most part died with a lot of sadness in his heart back in Kh 2, the major pains likely being his broken relationships with Sïax and Roxas (and subconsciously maybe Xion?). We later see him in Blank Points (birth by sleep)...
  6. NuclearCheetos15

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    I wondered that myself awhile back... She's not what many were expecting from Days at the time, among other things. As Days was my first Kh, I went in with zero expectations. The gameplay was alright, very slow as I remember, and I was just as confused about the story as the characters...
  7. NuclearCheetos15

    News ► Patch Notes Available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX

    With Days being my first Kh, I have to say it looks rather amazing! It feels so good to be able to see Xions armor finally updated to HD. That being said, LOL at Roxas only having to hit her twice, meanwhile I had to hit her like a million times
  8. NuclearCheetos15

    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    I see. Recall that when she meets Mickey, he tells her that 10 years have passed since the last time she saw him. Notice how she responded so distantly? She seemed irked that that amount of time has actually passed. This scene takes place after she learns that Ventus is still alseep and Terra is...
  9. NuclearCheetos15

    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    I completely agree here. You mean to tell me Riku didn't notice any of the commotion happening right behind him? You'd think he'd hear the echo of Aquas scream and turn around.
  10. NuclearCheetos15

    What did Xehanort do with Terra's Wayfinder?

    I would imagine it's still in his pockets somewhere. After Xehanort took his body, more than likely he was much more concerned about his plans for wreaking the universe than checking his pockets for stuff. I was actually thinking the same thing here! Aqua did say she "worked a little magic on...
  11. NuclearCheetos15

    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    To start off, visually and gameplay wise, the game was great. The soundtrack was also excellent and really gave some parts of the game a very creepy vibe that I really liked. Boss battles were spectacular but I still think the models are a bit "meh", but oh well. That being said, the story left...
  12. NuclearCheetos15

    Could Vanitas be residing in Sora?

    Hello. So, yea.. im new here and I just wanted to get some opinions on this. Could Vanitas be currently residing within Sora along with Ventus, Roxas, and Xion? Of course many of you know that ominous scene in DDD when Vanitas appears along with young Xehanort in the cathedral. Muh Darkness...