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  1. Wayward Wind

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Confirmed for North America & Europe!

    YEEEEEEEAAHHHH! 8D And now we wait.... Please be the start of Autumn..
  2. Wayward Wind

    News ► Re: Chain of Memories HD Screenshots from Famitsu!

    Re: Chain of Memories HD Screenshots from Famitsu! Ooooh pretty... 8D *strokes screen*
  3. Wayward Wind

    Seven Guardians of Light and Thirteen Seekers of Darkness

    Re: Seven Guardians of Light and Thirteen Seekers of Darkness. I can see Vanitas coming back to be a Darkness if MX does his time travelling shenanigans The secret ending hinted Kairi being a Light and maybe Lea/Roxas/Xion will replace Terra?
  4. Wayward Wind

    How Has KH3D Impacted You?

    Well it got me back into Kingdom Hearts. I was already a fan but was kind of falling off the bandwagon XD DDD got me back into it and made me get the games I haven't played yet 8D
  5. Wayward Wind

    Whats the deal with BBS Volume 2?

    How could there be a Volume 2 though since Terra is possessed, Ven is asleep and Aqua is in the ROD? Or is it to do with Sora and co?
  6. Wayward Wind

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    Well the graphics weren't exactly fantastic and the gameplay was a bit repetitive, I only found it good towards the last 70 ish days really. But I did like it, you got to see the organization HQ and what went on inside and Roxas's past. I like the manga better really because I dunno its just a...
  7. Wayward Wind

    Newbie here

    Hi guys, as you can see I'm new here ^^ So yeah I don't know what I'm doing :P Its nice to see some fellow KH fans!