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  1. KingdomHearts530

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Dawwwww He's soo cute! Good Luck :)
  2. KingdomHearts530

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    If your not with her and the kid isnt yours then its not your problem. Good Luck tho if he is yours :)
  3. KingdomHearts530

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    Good Luck dude I'm sure you'll be fine. Weather or not he's yours and your still with his mom try to be there for him. Because I know it's pretty loney growing up without a dad.
  4. KingdomHearts530

    KH2 in the Smithsonian

    Ouch it was hard to decide between KH,FFX and Okami. There are alot more Okami fans out theree then KH Fans God I hope KH stands a chance...
  5. KingdomHearts530

    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    Wow this was really really good! Great job!
  6. KingdomHearts530

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Platinum Edition

    Yea I don't think theres any differentces at all
  7. KingdomHearts530

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    Oh my God I think I'm in Love maybe not with the name or the Norta Dame world(one of my least fav disney movies xDD) but the Gameplay looks awesome from what I can make out. I Really better get honors so that I get my 3ds!
  8. KingdomHearts530

    I think Sora WANTED Axel to die....

    Witch volume of the manga was this in. Only KH2 vols 1 and 2 have been realensed.And if you read that sean in the manga can you show me where you got it from?
  9. KingdomHearts530

    Re:coded - worth it?

    Re: Recoded Yea same thing happened for me and I only remeber ed about them after I was on my way home so I didn't get them <_<
  10. KingdomHearts530

    Is there a US Re:Coded Guide???

    No I asked at my gamestop and they where as surprized at I was.
  11. KingdomHearts530

    Hiya *waves

    Hiya I'm KingdomHearts530 Nice to meet you all. You can Call me Sam Samantha or KH whatever you perfer :) I'm on 3 other forums KHV(kingdomhearts530), Charlie Bone(Kingdom Heart), and Bleach(Kingdonhearts530) I love most anime and Manga AND I LOVE AXEL/Lea ^^