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    the Anti-Disney channel fanclub....

    it's no longer a matter that I can conseal. I have been tortured to babysit my Nephew to the forever tramatizing cancer that is infested with loser child-stars. from the suite life to Raven....I hate them all....share your hatred with me. join the anti Disney channel Fanclub. for a limited...
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    Robot chicken

    this show won 2 awards....there MUST be a thread for it and I didn't find it on the search results so I'm making a thread dedicated to it's awesome and 1337-ness. Discuss.
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    The funniest thing I've seen on youtube today

    YouTube - AMV Comedians 7 (Dave Chappelle) this will get you rolling...
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    Help/Support ► ...Oh crap...

    Dude, stay as far away from her as possible so that you don't jinx any accidents and try looking for other fish in the sea. trust me on this. if you've had thoughts like that then you'll need sometime to adjust too you're friends girl. if you can't find any chicks to bone try to atleast learn...
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    great....now I'm hungry for Ice cream.
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    Caption the avatar above you

    First time I've made a game, so be gentle please. the rules are simple, just caption what the image on the avatar screen. say for example someone happens to have this type of avatar: you're job from he is to best post a discribtion of the avatar, Perferably with sarcasm. let the...
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    Makai Senki Disgaea

    attention all RPG and crack addicts of the sort. Disgaea is now an anime... details on wikipedia....I'm gonna get me some downloads since I just found this out about 6 minutes ago....:closedeyes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makai_Senki_Disgaea
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    WHAT THE HELL! (an original)

    Intro: welcome to hell, population....dying...no really. ever since the war between Yggdrasil and the underworld, hell has been in serious famine. the grim reaper has dropped his status and all of his connections with earth and this is not good to the community demons in hell, to make matters...
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I'm glad that Vexen died...you could kill babyseals with a voice like his.
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    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    Namine's only plan was to make sure she lives from the torture of having Mental disfuctional incomplete beings as roommates.(this is starting to sound like ansem report) sora and Riku was her only plot hole out. it had nothing to do with "planning" it had more to do with common "CYA"(Cover...
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    Sora losing all abilities

    I think the Unknown (marxular) was more aways responsible for sora's inabblity of magic and skill lose, mind you he did attack first at warp speed. I wouldn't be surpised if namine had a Part in it though.
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    Is Namine evil?

    she is a mistake (as diz implied). she simply wanted to have someone there for her other then middle evil and traitoris Organization members, where as Kairi got both riku and sora. with envy Namine desided to turn the tables not knowing what her lust for attention would get sora into.... case...
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    Fanfiction ► Targets to the shinobi code (a Sasuke/hinata followed by Kyuubi/naruto fanfic)

    the first four chapters have been made a while back from what I remember, I'm trying to beta chapters 5-9 some things I wanna Place now before reading if you think I'm gonna lemon this fanfic with any cross action you might wanna read the damn title & check out something else, I don't hte...
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    Fanfiction ► rikus love...

    I've read most of your fic, not bad to be Honest, however if you have spelling Problems why not write all you stuff on Microsoft word since it has a spell check system? other then that your style of writing is funny & Interesting. . .I really wanna rep U however. . .looking at a sertant red...
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    Fanfiction ► My heart isn't broken, and I'm not dead. {Assassin/Romance RP}

    I'm hoping the next chapter you take some of the advise from the flashchat. . .I'll be waiting XXXcloud ;)
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    acid nees a master

    I need someone whom can boss me around,use me as there "toy" (sexual Pun Intended if it Pleases you) & promise me scooby snacks on the flashchat . . . anyone intersted :cry:
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    flaming to the air thread....

    simple really get as foul as Possible & don't hurt me for being a Phailer. . .that simple.
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    ZOMFG Le black acid= Faliure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH rly!?!?! *inner self ya really dipstick, your grammer sucks, you were a hentai trasnlator & you live in newyork!* 0:sad: POST YOUR THOUGHTSZORZ!!!!!!!!! :laugh:
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