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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    I finally finished today! I got my copy on Thursday afternoon and finished at about 2 today. I think it was about 36 hours play time. Now I'm going to start a new game in Proud Mode.
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    I recently bought a copy for $55 AU (and was the cheapest I could find anywhere), which is roughly $40 US. Now that's overpricing.
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    Fav. Roxas pics

    I have a few good pictures: Roxas Screenshot Roxas Screenshot 2 Roxas and Olette Roxas (might be considered a minor spoiler) They're pretty good quality too.
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    Anyone in australia catch it

    Oooh, I have Foxtel. I'll go watch it now, hopefully I'll see something.
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    Vexen: Veck-sen Namine: Nah-mi-nay Marluxia: Mar-luck-see-ah Lexaeus: Leck-sea-us Larxene: Larks-een Zexion: Zeck-see-on Axel: Ack-sell Roxas: Rock-sus That's pretty much how I pronounce the names (I say Lexaeus slightly different to what I wrote, but it's the most accurate way I can...
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    Fantasia alla Marcia

    Nice review Oathkeeper! I love Fantasia alla Marcia, it's an excellent orchestral piece. The way it brings a multitude of songs together (like Sora, Another Side, Always on my Mind, March Caprice etc) make it even better.
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    FFV and FFVI on GameBoy Advance

    Square Enix has announced that they will be bringing Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI to the Game Boy Advance in 2006. There's a small article about it at: http://rpgfan.com/news/2005/1941.html Sorry if this has already been posted, I just thought people might want to know.
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    hardest DISNEY boss

    I just got CoM a few weeks ago for my birthday, and tonight I beat Hook! He was annoying the hell outta me, but I finally got him! Right now I'm halfway through Hollow Bastion. I probably should spend more time playing CoM, but I also got FFTA and FF1&2 for my birthday, so I've juggled them...
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    Here you go. It hasn't been updated for a while, I think. http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/
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    I say Namine as: Nah-mean-ay
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    Preorder kh2

    I pre-ordered mine at EB Games last week. The dude there was waffling on about release dates. Can't trust him! Lol.
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    KH2 pictures. (V-Jump, SE party, and a minor update.)

    Thanks for posting those pics NEO! Nice job!
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    ff9 in KH2?

    I would love to see FF9 characters in KH2 (especially Zidane)! I've been hoping that some characters might make an appearance for so long, so it'd be great if it happened. And coz some people have been saying how they pronounce Zidane's name, I thought I'd post my version coz I say it...
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    New Scans!!!

    Oh man, this is cool! Nice find Non-Existant One (yet again!)
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    The closest Australian rating to E10+ is G8+ which is what I think KHII will be. Thats what KH was anyway. But you never know, they might make it M15+ (although I don't think it's likely).
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    BHK names; what I think

    I'm pretty much open to any name (except Tyke) but I was thinking it would be kinda ironic if BHK's name turned out to be Nanashi. The reason for that is because it means "without name" which is what the situation with him is now. By the way, lots of names posted here sound interesting and...
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    What's your favorite KH song?

    I love most of the songs, they've been written so well. But I love Dearly Beloved, Destiny Islands, Destiny's Force, March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra, Blast Away Gummi Ship 1, Blast Away Gummi Ship 3and Always on My Mind. But the best ones are: Scherzo di Notte Night of Fate Deep Dive...
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    Weird dreams...

    I had my first KH2 dream last night! I was in this movie theatre, but the movie screens were open for everyone to see, and they also had arcade game machines there. I went on one of the arcade machines which was one where you could play various game demos, and one was just of the Deep Dive...
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    What lvl in End of the World?

    I'm pretty sure I was on level 45...
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    I thought he was 17... Anyway, I wanna see some FF9 characters in KH2. That would be cool (except Quina, I would die if s/he was put in).