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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo terribly sorry! I hope you all don't hate me! But I'm on summer break so I'm going to post a lot more often!!!!
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    Ninja Moon (RETRY)

    Some people asked for it so...TADA!!!!!! Note that it has Kingdom Hearts Worlds, but no characters. Story: A tale after all of the characters of Kingdom Hearts. The Worlds managed to stay alive. New things were being changed. Then, a group of ninjas came to Destiny Islands. There was the Water...
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    thanks for all your comments and other stuff. I present you...THE THIRD CHAPTER!!!!!!! PART 2!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter 3 PT. 2 (it's where we left off) In about ten minutes, the door rang. Alex's mom had a bag for her. Then about every two minutes, the door would ring for another bag. Paris's...
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    I'm soooooooo sorry but I was at a b-day party and i spent the night so it's not done but I'm totally working on it!
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    sorry I have'nt posted for a while... i got caught up in my school life... But thatfully, I'm working on it now!
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    Kingdom Buffy

    A new kh series. It's Kh videos with Buffy audio. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm uploading the first episode and making the second one so...yeah hope this is good. ^^; Alright! Here's the first episode: Episode 1 anyways, tell me if you like it.
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    Chapter 3 PT 1 (sorry it's so short. I felt bad for ignoring the forum) (Note that Chapters 1 & 2 took place on a Monday & we’re skipping to Wednesday after school) Terra had just finished her homework after an hour from getting home. She was throwing darts with Alex and Paris. Mia and May were...
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    Fanfiction ► Let's go to school! (Sora/Kairi,Namine/Riku,Squall/Yuffie,Cloud/Aerith)

    that was good! That was an interesting argument between Roxas and Sora! lol
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    bad news. Due to my dad's birthday yesterday and my cousin spending the night on Friday, the chappy won't be done until Wednesday at the most. I'm sorry for the confusion and I swear that it will never take this long again. Not used to this, y'know?
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    Final Fantasy XIII

    This is probably going to be different than how the actually game will end up (well, no duh). But I wanted to try this so.... Story: In 2080, a war goes on for the eighth year in a row in Sky City against Kike Empire. Teenagers are sent out to Kike Empire to fight. Some people believe that this...
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    UPTATES!!!!!!!!!!! This is the new UPTATES!!!!!!!!!!! "Profile" for "My Evil Twin and Me." Here you can find out about what's going with the next chapter while you're waiting. I will post UPTATES!!!!!!!!!!! every Wednesday (It woulda been Monday but today's Wednesday sooooo...). Hope this...
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    Sorry it's been taking me awhile...I'm working on it right now so bare with me pleeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    Chapter 2 Terra waved to her friends as she walked to her writing class. She sat at a table, got out her notebook full of notes of Lilly, and waited. Suddenly, the door opened and many kids rushed in. One that Terra hadn't seen before. She had long blonde hair and green eyes. She had the...
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    I AM happy to hear! I'll get the next chapter done as soon as possible
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    Fanfiction ► My Evil Twin and Me

    If your into the reality type stuff, then keep on readin' 'cause this that kind of story! Note that you'll hear names of other companies and such. Please comment on this fanfic! Chapter 1 Terra awoke in her tiny bedroom. She sat up and examined her room. Terra had short blonde hair (recently...
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    Fanfiction ► a Sonic Fanfic(it dun have a name >>;;)

    awesome! :thumbup: all I can say is it needs to be a little longer. Keep working on it!
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    Your favourite CoM Organization member?

    I picked Larxene. She's my fav! :thumbsup: don't know why though... :blink:
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    "Tell me why he picked you"

    I thought that he was reffering to Riku...I guess I don't know! oh well! :unsure: