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    Guitar-wielding Medicham

    :thumbsup: I need someone who can draw really good, and that knows about the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire. If anyone can help, I'll be thankfull. Here's the thing: I need someone to draw me a Medicham(original, not shiny version) playing a black electric guitar with his head looking at the...
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    Super Smash Bros. for DS.

    I had this splendid idea for an awesome DS game that would be compared to Mario Kart DS. Of Course, it's a NINTENDO game. Let's make it more like a remix of an old N64 classic that has now become one the greastest fighting games in GC. I MEAN SUPER SMASH BROS. DS! Let's say that the developers...
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    does BHK have a crush/girlfriend?

    Ok....... I don't know. Why are people so naive?
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    March 1st?

    I just wish it could be on January/February.
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    March 1st?

    Only believe in SE...
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    March 1st?

    Ummm, that's not true.
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    The Heartless and The Dusk

    No, Nobodies are another class of creatures like the Heartless. Heartless: heart Nobodies: soul and body Therefore, Heartless are different from Nobodies but they show some comparisons. For example, the Shadows{Heartless} and the Dusks{Nobodies} look alike, because they seem to be the first of...
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    we shall be one once again(edit)

    Nice understoodable theory. We still need for more info to be sure, but that can be true.
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    Fanfiction ► I wanted a destiny...I got a disaster.

    Nice one. I like it. Keep on. "I should start writing mines. It's called Kingdom Hearts: Engaged!"
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    Luxord = Enigmatic Man?

    I was just joking about the Luxord is EM thing.
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    BHK and Sora do look alike.

    Well, supposley BHK is Sora's shell so they look alike. But we're not sure. Im lost............
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    Luxord = Enigmatic Man?

    Okay, it is confirmed. Luxord is EM!
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    Enigmatic Man?

    Nice comeback... "Im joking"
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    bhk icons

    Ohhh, I guess I was kinda lost before. Anyway....
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    Ursula's Musical Game

    Not sure, maybe all the buttons except start and select.
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    Enigmatic Man?

    Well, they have been saying around that Luxurdo is the Enigmatic man, but it can't be true.
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    bhk icons

    Cool! Wait, so you do get to use the BHK.... Awesome!
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    Maybe somthing differnt than weve seen...

    It could be that it summons nobodies. Just saying...
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    Luxord = Enigmatic Man?

    Oh yeah. I can see the shading. See? It's possible that he could be Luxord.
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    Luxord = Enigmatic Man?

    Who knows........... If he is, there's problems. "Im joking about the problems"