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    xion having two somebodies?

    wait you know that one scene, where xemnas talks to aquas armor, and the other org. members are talkin about how they wanted to test the darness in peoples hearts??? well what if roxas and xion were the product of an acccedental test??
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    Alternate ending for 358/2 days

    but remember in kh2, roxas says he defeated a riku once when sora faced roxas.
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    BBS Keyblade Names

    terra: the big one aqua: the purple cobra (boom, boom ssssss) ven: the flying holy hampster
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    BBS Keyblade Names

    let me think.................................................
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    the only thing that is wrong with ur theory is what happens to MX, you didn`t clearly explain it. what i think happened is that when KH was made in the fm+ trailer was MX and terrra accidentally fused together, and both of their memories were erased inside of the young xehanort. And the only...
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    Then in the final boss battle xemnas would`ve used it because he was gettin his ars wooped.
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    Deep Dive =/= Kingdom Hearts II

    the glowing eyed girl couldve been shion. for all we know maybe it WAS about 358/2 days and had a little kh2 in it like leochrys said. thats a good theory leochrys
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    Who are you Xion?

    but u know wat xion without the x is ION which means water. so does aqua. aqua could have made a code name so she could find out wat the organization is doin. because some other theory is xehanort is terra so she is tryin 2 find terra`s nobody.plus namine doesn`t match kairi`s name at all. So ya.
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    H.U.N-Unbirth Theory

    wat if xemnas` sleep took out the rest of the unbirths, because unbirths are created over a period of time when a strong hearted person loses their memory? and when thei restored the ones created by that person are all destroyed? then when sora lost his memory thn more unbirths were created...
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    H.U.N-Unbirth Theory

    yeah totally u had a great theory. wait id think that sleep was good and if it fnished then u`d gain all ur memories back, and nothing bad would happen.
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    H.U.N-Unbirth Theory

    i think that the unbirths are created when peoples who are sleeping are distroyed and they become unbirths:closedeyes:
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    Xion's real name without the 'X'

    :idea: i have a theory. wat if namine wuz kairi`s heartless and aqua is her nobody, terra is riku`s nobody, and ven is sora`s, but they all just have different names. plz don`t be mean if it is really stupid in ur opinion.
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    BBS fighting style

    Thraxe when is your sora vs. terra game gonna be finished?
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    WHEN will they SHOW Aqua's WORLDS???!!!

    what if aqua joined orginazation 13 to save roxas cuz she thought it was ven?:confused:
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    WHEN will they SHOW Aqua's WORLDS???!!!

    i agree with gavihn 2007. what if "Aqua" thought roxas was ven and she joined orginization 13 to save him.