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    New Kingdom Hearts fan guild in guild wars

    if u want t ojoin our Kh fan guild then add Ultima Keyblader to your friends and whisper me all are allowed to join we are Kurzick have cape hall and d o a lot of Aliance battles and sometimes guildv guild we are in dark staler allliance with 5 other guilds see u soon :)
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    A few jorunal troubles

    1 how do i get 3000 on goddess of fate (i think thst what its called) 2 I cant get enough on the carpet game in alladins world (apparently i need fenrir) 3 SEPHIROTH they made him so godam hard but i am only lv 65 what lv is best
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    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    it truly is a great game im in agrabah now the game just keeps getiin better an better but i do want to know a bit more bout some of the story stuff when does all that happen?
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    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    I GOT IT its brilliant currentl just bout to set off to beaty and the beast lv I cant beleiev i FINALLY OWN IT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: TGS KH2:FM Page I WANT COM RE we are stil la week away from kh2 i want com re i dont care bout final mix+ GIVE ME COM RE
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    My KH forum

    Sry if there was a narea for stuff like this i did look plz just join or just visit we are very active and we talk about other things 2 (were not warmangames anymore)
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    Showdown of fate english

    I went on blue laguna and downlaoded showdown of fate and the text was in english when cloud and Sephy talk i just wanted to make sure is this a secret translation version or some1 magically edited it if they did though it was perfect
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    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children The Quest for Candy

    hi me and some friends are going to mute AC and put our own voices and create a funny story sorta like tha kh2 one (i dont know the name never sin it) and knoxs korner what do u guys think (sorry if this is the wrong place for this sorta thingi couldnt find aplace)
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    Does Sora respond to the change in his voice?

    im from the uk so a simple yes or no if they do respond to the voice it was probably added in and wasnt in the jap version. If they dont respond a little i think that would be strange?
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    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix ansem reports

    does anybody know what the two extra ansem reports in final mix said thx (i did search the forum but i couldnt find em)
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    "spoiler sort of"Classic or modern one winged angel

    in kh 1 sephroith had his old one winged angel music in advent children he got a new one its on blue laguna if you want to listen to it what if in kh2 he has his new music from advent children?
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    another version of Simple and clean

    its not there
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    cloud v sephroith

    you should see em in advent children
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    cloud v sephroith

    anybody know where i can downlaod a video of cloud and sephy fighting from final mix
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    another version of Simple and clean

    where can i download these versions the long planitb one the live one and what is this godsen one?
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    another version of Simple and clean

    i knw but what is it called i have aqll the other versions except this one
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    another version of Simple and clean

    right there is the original the planitb remix and the orchesteral but when Sora unlocks his heart it plays nother version does anyone know where i can download it or what it is called thx
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    Riku should have got the keyblade in traverse

    when you see riku in traverse town he takes the keyblade off you and he is supposed to be the real master so why didnt the keyblade choose him there
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    kingdom hearts 2 japenese special

    the way i heard was when we got KH we got extra stuff the Japaneese didnt like Ice giant Sephroith you get the picture. Anyway they decided to remake it and add there own stuff in such as the fight scene between Cloud and sephy and new keyblades and stuff.