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    this show is awesome... it tests all of the random insane scientific things that actual scientists are too lazy or respected to do. my favorite ep was when they were testing homemade objects as sleds, and the guy with the blow-up doll popped it when he jumped on it. XDXDXD
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    Donnie Darko

    this has to be one of the best random movies... man, frank rocks. so, has anyone else seen this movie? i've compltly passed the website, no problem. it's a really great movie... so WATCH IT!
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    Beatmania U.S.

    General Beatmania Thread so finally, this game is coming out in the U.S. i dobt anyone knows what this game is, so i'll provide a link. for 50 bucks, you get the game, and the controller, so i think that it's a great deal. Link - http://www.konami.com/gs/gameinfo.php?id=157 this is a really...
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    Guess That Character!!!!!

    Guess That Character 2!!!!! EETSA' SEQUEL!!! ok, i've decided i have too much gil for the rpg section, so i'm giving some away... the catch? you have to be the first to accuratly identify the character in the picture that i photoshopped. think it's easy???... well, the first one kind of is...
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    Saw Series

    i just went out tonight, and bought bolth of the saw dvd's, and watched them back to back. in my opinion, they are really good, with a good sense of creepy. SPOILER i think that it's awesome that he chooses the girl to continue his work. END SPOILER
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    Stephen King

    does anyone here ready any stephen king books? the ones i read are IT Pet Semetary The Dead Zone Tommyknockers The Long Walk Dark Tower 1-4 Everything's eventual Four past Midnight and i'm working on the stand... anyone else here read any?
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    Resident Evil Secrets (a McFluffy/Yado production)

    alone, the strikeforce comb through the streets of Raccoon city, looking for survivors, or killing any zombies that remain. hired by umbrella, we are sent in to save, kill, and collect samples after Ada Wong dissapeared from contact. We are umbrella's only hope at getting all of their research...
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    Keyboard Smacker

    this is a game i took from another forum, and i havn't seen it yet around here... so... what you do is the first person will hit 5 random keys on the keyboard, and the next person has to make a sentence out of the letters EXAMPLE: ioosf EXAMPLE: in ovens, oxygen suffers fearcely i'll start...
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    I Like Death.....

    so? Judge me not by my random posts, but by the content of the dictionary..... or something... yeah.. well, anyway, does anyone else like death?
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    o2 Jam...

    has anyone here heard of o2 jam? (site www.o2jam.com.my) it is pretty much a game where you have to use the buttons s d f (space) j k l, and you have to hit the buttons as they match on the screen (search the site for pics. right now it is pay to play, but it might be different later.
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    ITG (In The Groove) is an american made game, like ddr, only it has different songs, and alot harder stepcharts. this game is developed by roxor, and it has 2 arcade games, itg 1 and 2, and 1 ps2 game (itg (1)). Is there anyone who plays this, and if so, what are your scores?
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    The One Called McFluffy....

    Awhile ago, back in the year of 1992, (wow... the 19th century) out of the fires of Mt. Mordor, i rose up from the ashes and lava (to eat souls!!!) i eventually decided to move to america, which i now know was the worst thing i have ever done, and i decided to live in the state... umm, you know...