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    Kairi, or Namine?

    sora, i love sora! wait wrong topic
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    thank god, hilary duff is toally sucks, i'd rather have the america's sweet heart as namine's voice actor, what's her name, cherly?
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    The break up extreme

    Post the worst way to break up with someone you can think of. PS: It's just a joke, pointless yes, but trust me, if your imagination is good enough, it will be fun. The most conceited: I not trying to be mean really, but i can do so much better than you. The most insane: I'm gay. The...
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    FAV yuri pairing

    IT IS A JOKE! I thought some of us may be intersting. sense i already post the FAV yoai Pairing thread. why not a yuri one. Nothing personally
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    Riku/kairi pairing

    Does anyone actually think those two are cute together? I know there aren't many because of those yoai and sora/kairi pairing fans. personally I think they make the best couple. But that's just what i think. Why i think riku and kairi makes a cute couple. Reason #1: kairi's parents were...
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    sora is Straight

    ok, in spite of the riku problem how many people think Sora is straight?
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    Rate the person's fav KH/ff character above you

    Topic shows it all. mine: Namine.
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    The banana who raped my dog

    it's a story about my dog was raped by a Banana. Cut sence #1 tomorrow's yestaday, my dog is taking me to a walk in the toliet. I'm very happy that they are out of toliet paper. so i told The fish next to me that we don't have to make out with each other because my dog is out of the toliet...
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    Fortune telling, the best of all

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    FAV KH Yaoi couple

    sora/riku sora/cloud sora/Ansem sora/leon Sora/Tidus Sora/Axel Riku/ansem Riku/zexion riku/Axel Axel/Zexion THIS IS PURE FUN, JUST FOR FUN
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    Use ONE word to describe KH Characters

    Sora: riku: kairi: Ansem: (any disney characters): (any FF characters): (any org. members) _________________ here is mine sora: keyblader Riku: easy kairi: redhead Ansem: power Jack: BOx Yuffie: kairi
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    KH on drugs

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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jump Festa 2006!

    i thought the realease date is march 1... sigh
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    Does the key have to be a "KEY"???

    there is something on my mind. i don't know where i read this,. but, someone told sora that " you are the key to open the door of light." he didn't say the one, instead, he said the key. get it, what if the door of light needs someone to sacrifice oneslef in order to open the door. sora...
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    Talk of a new PV? (Promotional Video)

    Supposedly in the Japanese community there was talk of someone seeing a new Promotional Video of Kingdom Hearts 2. Here is information fo what the person says he saw (It's a rough translation, more info will be up soon) - Pinnochio was seen? -DiZ was seen. -Ansem in his XIII Cloak was seen...
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    KHII's end revealed

    they did it's called the passion after battle
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    KHII's end revealed

    lol, who doesn't it's definatelt something romantic and sad
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    Vote for BHK's name

    so many names, which do you think makes sense
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    Can Anyone Translate?!?! BHK's Name???!!!

    it's not his name, if you translate it, it would be " mystery teen"
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    Old news + something else.

    SPOILERS "For some reason someone (Namine I assume) had to wipe people's memories of Sora, and change them to 'someone else'. In other words, BHK, or Nemo according to this guy, is a another Sora that lives within the false memories that Namine created. so Nemo is BHK's name? i find it in...