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    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    IIRC that dialogue came from the novel and that isn't really part of the main canon. Even the character files are questionable. Also I don't see why we shouldn't take what he says at face value. There's no reason to not believe him. For all we know, he could have had amnesia similar to Ventus...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    I mean that's still essentially Vanitas at the end of the day. The same "Darkness" who did all that to Ventus to maintain being a willful pure darkness which would leave Ventus a pure light after that darkness used him to reshape itself. I guess yeah Ventus wasn't always a pure light(presumably)...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Except Vanitas has quite literally said that he's not really part of Ventus at all. He quite literally said that he was hidden inside Ventus for a really long time and all Xehanort did was just drag him out of Ventus. IIRC, the JP dialogue even had him flat out state he was a separate being from...
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    The World Ends With You - The Animation - Episode 4 ‘Reapers’ Discussion Thread

    Joshua being a smug asshole like the game. Glad they didn't fail to deliver there. Also surprised they're expanding more on Shiki and even Eri like this. It was much more than the game. Not that I'm complaining.
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    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    Feels like people just forget Vanitas' new revelation to Ventus in KH3RM about who he is.
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    The Prologue

    Absolutely not. You have it completely backwards. Most people do tend to want to jump to the action and Disney stuff ASAP and get the game going. Sign is right. The Roxas prologue in KH2 was criticized by plenty of people for being too long back during those days. There were those who liked the...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    Not really true as Demyx was a backup member unlike Luxord who was No. V in the real Org XIII.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    I'm loving how there's less evidence of the "Darkness" hiding inside Ventus not being Vanitas every update. It's like people forget Vanitas' own words in that new cutscene of his in KH3RM right before the clash. The new scene they chose to write in meaning it has value. The same cutscene saying...
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    A New Overarching Villain or....

    When it comes to original villains, I don't see them coming up with anyone that will top Xehanort or his incarnations tbh. The Lost Masters so far come off as complete idiots compared to the Norts and MoM is a joke compared to Xehanort. So if those are to be our new antagonists, then I've...
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    Where is Kingdom Hearts going? Yozora VS Kairi & friends?

    1. It's a literal laugh to think Kairi can defeat Yozora much less kill him. He'd trash her with ease. She's back home training because she knows she doesn't stack up which is why Riku will be doing the real work in finding Sora and dealing with Yozora. 2. Thinking Yozora's done after the next...
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    What are some things that you wish weren’t in the games?

    Ageeed. Most of these suggestions are completely terrible that it makes me glad they have zero input on anything regarding KH.
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    Did KH3 change your opinions about any of the characters?

    So did you like choose to just ignore his new scene in ReMIND before his fight with Ventus...?
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    News ► Takeharu Ishimoto returning as composer for NEO: The World Ends With You

    This is wonderful news. It makes me more confident in NEO's OST being just as good or maybe better than the original's.
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    Is Kingdom Hearts poorly written?

    It's completely asinine to think Kingdom Hearts has "outgrown" Disney when 1. Disney owns the IP and 2. Majority of fans still play these games for the Disney content. I think people need to understand how OC stuff(which is a mess at this point) will always be of the lesser dose in content...
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    [Weirdly] tired thinking about RAX TA having protagonism again

    Don't worry. RAX and TAV will be background/supporting characters from here on out so they won't be main protagonists any further. Even Ventus' ties to the ancient past won't land him a main protagonist status. Phase 2 is gearing with Sora and Riku going with Yozora and his pals. So Yozora...
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    About Vanitas

    Well according to Dark Road, Odin says that the beings "Darkness" that resided inside of people began to influence them and help them grow darkness of their own. So I guess the being hiding in Ventus(which is basically confirmed to be Vanitas) did end up merging with the darkness that Ventus...
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    New KH games in future?

    The chances of this happening is incredibly slim if not zero. Next game is clearly geared for the other side with Sora, Riku and Yozora at forefront. The other characters will at best get some cutscenes here and there.
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    About Vanitas

    So with the advent of ReMIND, seems there's more to this guy's origins that meets the eye and that he's not just simply Ventus' dark half like everyone believed(which is pretty dumb from what BBS told us but eh). It's not talked about much from what I've seen but what do you guys think is up...
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    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    That and we hardly know anything about the Verum Rex reality/unreality to begin with so to say some things can and can't "feasibly work" with it at this time is silly.
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    News ► NEO: TWEWY is a sequel to the anime, new Nomura artwork

    I think people are taking Nomura's comment about Neo taking place after the anime too literal. The anime covers the first game and that is what Neo is the sequel to. Furthermore like Nomura said himself, Neo doesn't have it's own official Twitter account yet so he had to say his piece on the...