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    Kh2 sales?

    it'll deffinatly reach Halo standards. And then when people find out themselves how big the worlds are and the graphics even more will buy it and so on and so forth.
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    Theorie of Sora's clothes

    Maybe you go on stealth missions or something and the black clothes hide you? No I doubt it... That would be odd... Yeah most likely for battle.
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    i noticed sumtin in hollow bastion!

    This is old news? Really? wow... And yes the worlds are much larger, the worlds in the last one did seem very small which is why we didn't need a map.
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    End of KH2

    It's more sensible to think about the beggining but this thread is about the end, that's what it is about! I want a game for 100% with Riku or some other character, play through the game with a 13th order member or something. That would be nice.
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    another unexpected world?

    lol I love mister angry eyes. The keyhole would end up being the lock to andy's toybox or something. I would like to slash away at that fat guy that collects Woody (Bad name) and the west toys. (*Imagine slashing at stomach fat pouring out and fat guy screaming* I am so disgustingly evil.
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    New Theme Song

    nope just like everything elese in kingdom hearts they can tell us what it is but not give us everything (The new worlds, song, story, BHK, unknown plot, so on). *Sighs*
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    are ther any black people in KH?

    No there is not, please do not make this big, it's probably because they are afraid that if they do make a black character there will be a flaw someone will realize and there will be protest's and so on. All the characters have thier flaws but someone would of course exploit this and the game...
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    Keji's theory to mickey,diz, and the 13th order

    That is good, I thought for sure they were under cover. That's really good. There are a few flaws but it doesn't disprove it at all. good job.
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    How much would you pay for kingdom hearts 2?

    Taht's the problem with overprotective parents, they are just plain lazy. They secure everything so they don't have to sit down and work to teach thier kids not to this or that and if it's bad or good. My parents let me play GTA because they taught me well and from that im not going to turn into...
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    New Disney Worlds?

    heh, play in Andy's bed, that sounds so wrong... I'd like to see Robin Hood and get a new bow and arrow weapon that can kill heartless too! or the nobodies... Snow white would be sweet cuz of the dwarfs. Lilo and Stitch would be awesome too if yo ugot stitch in the party!
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    another unexpected world?

    Lol Zerg: MUAHAHA! Fear me Sora!!! *Fires tennis ball at Sora's leg at 0.2 MPH* MUAHAHAHAHA! Sora: ... Zerg:MUAHAHAHAHA! *Runs in circles and laughs maniacally* all it takes is one small step with his big clown shoe:D Pride rock would be good but it would be very simalair to the deep jungle...
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    cloud or squall in your party KH2, could it happen?

    I could ,but it won't. If was though i'd pick squall because cloud would rush ahead, killing all the heartless that can't attack you. But squall would help you out by attacking the hearless that can attack you first. well that was pointless, anyways...
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    How much would you pay for kingdom hearts 2?

    I would pay $100 a dollar more though then I wouldn't get it. Although I would never stop complaining if the price went over 60 or 55 bucks. ahwell...
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    You fought Riku/Ansem in the end of kingdom Hearts, destroyed Marluxia at the end of CoM, all disney characters cannot be the final boos cuz that would suck. I would say new enemy unless BHK goes bad like Riku did.
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    Are these real Unknows?

    All there weapons have the same spikes as the ones on Sora's necklace and on the keyblade.
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    Squall and Seifer's Countdown

    They better fight, if they become friends then they better be playable... or elese! They'll probably start out calm to stay cool, then one of them will make a quick move and the fight will be on, someone will try to break it up too.
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    King Mickey and the unknows

    the fact of the matter is (Well, not officially but almost, its sensible) that mickey adn Riku ARE undercover to help stop the organization. They can learn more about it and slowly break down the members. There you go, clean and simple.
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    What do you think looks best in KH2????

    the graphics arent amazing or anything but they are pretty good. The final fantasy characters are also insignifigent in the game. except for Cid and Leon. What I will like the most is the storyline, the plot. That's really what the best part of the game will be to me.
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    New Disney Worlds?

    I would love for Mr. Potato Head to be in the game. "And here's your angry eyes just in case" *Sticks shoes into eye socket "RAWR!!!" ahhhhh... good times, good times.
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    jack skellington the pumpkin king

    Oh well, I doubt it. The disney worlds don't really matter all that much because most of the stories arent neccisary for the whole Sora storyline so don't worry about it. It would be nice but it wouldn't be outstanding or anything. If it is it is, if it's not, it's not