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    Help/Support ► More than a friend?

    nyaww! secret best friend love with a happy ending your life should be a cheesey teen movie<3 ahaha really though, that's kewt. Glad things are good. (guys that cook ftw)
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    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    Xenjin, that sounds like a night terror dearr! be glad it doesn't happen often.
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    Help/Support ► More than a friend?

    Eh, the general worry here would be "if we break up, it might ruin our friendship" but if you have a lot of faith in your friendship, and you see some possibility there for a romantic relationship, then there shouldn't be much holding you back from letting the relationship grow. One suggestion...
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    Avenue Q

    Off of broadway they were showing Avenue Q, me and my friend went during fashion-week for her birthday... Let me tell you, it was /very/ entertaining... More so then expected. It's a musical with puppets, basically mocking Sesame Street... I'm sure some of you heard the song "The Internet is...
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    Help/Support ► Got another problem

    well I'm glad things worked out, drama is so unnecessary 'specially if your new to the school, geez!! and nothing wrong with being civil. :]
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    Help/Support ► Got another problem

    I read your other thread; first let me start off by saying-- girl 1 seemed like she just dated you as a side thing and when she found out you were gonna be going to her school she freaked because she obviously isn't the type of person ready for a mature relationship... or even a decent one...
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    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    haha, it was /not/ for no reason !! xP people advised D to see a therapist earlier on in this thread I see nothing weird about getting help professionally is what it implied. :] and yeah, it's not a pretty experience, all though night paralysis isn't as bad as having an actual night terror--...
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    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    mmhmm, I had an experience like this (already talked about it, but might aswell be public.) about a year ago I had terrible night terrors... In summer 07 I had one when I thought bug creatures were devouring my legs and woke up thinking it was a bad dream, when I looked at my legs in the...
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    Baba's Couch.

    Alright, this is a passage written originally while being kept on a bathroom floor with nowhere to go. (shared room occupied) and I figured the situation would make for an interesting piece. It's leftunedited, no paragraph breaks, sorry if the structure bothers you. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it...
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    my art. :]

    [my stuff.] tablet practice. D: random woman.
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    I'm neww. And my name is Amy. All though, you can all call me by Baiser cause it sounds a lot kewler. {means kiss in french<3}. I was referred here by TheKeyBladeMaker [?] ... Atleast, that's what he tells me his username is on here. Me and him are offline biffles. lawl. Ehh, I'm not a HUGE...