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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    I'm kinda confused now... So Riku turned his Soul Eater into a Keyblade because of the combination of his heart getting stronger, being chosen by Terra and not having the one that Sora took from him right? I thought the mystery surrounding Sora was that no one chose him to wield (besides the...
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    What's with blue eyes in BBS?

    I think it's slightly more than the fact Nomura likes blue eyes though. They way I see it, the eye colour does say something about the (main) characters. Blue = Clearly Good (eg, Sora, Kairi) Cyan/Green = Good and Bad [you can even say Neutral to a degree] (eg. Riku, Axel, Demyx; he just wants...
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    BBS rated E10+?

    Personally, I find America's rating system kinda weird. It might be because in Canada, nudity takes precedence over violence and strong language, so most movies in America that are rated R get rated 14A here. I kinda wish it was the same for games, but peoples' parents are really starting to...
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    You LIE In all seriousness though, knowledge=power. In every shape or form, knowledge always translates to power. If Sora didn't have the knowledge to use/summon/fight with his Keyblade, well he'd be dead :| Also, because of all the reasons everyone has been trying to drill into your head...
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    Ven's Scenario

    Awesome! Thanks for the help ^___^ I was just assuming that the X-blade wouldn't be a literal X with 2 Kingdom Keys lol. I mean, everyone else regular Keyblade looks more epic than the X-blade does XD
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    Ven's Scenario

    If I could bug you one more time, what is this X-blade for? And what are the requirements for summoning it? I imagine it has something to do with opening Kingdom Hearts? Also, kinda wish it looked cooler...I kinda found the design to be a bit uninspired :|
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    Nah, still saying MX is stronger. Terra's LS could have gotten weaker too, after all it didn't bind him to the KG like it did to Terranort. Also, I don't see why you would think that LS is so much weaker than Terra himself, I think if your feelings can wield your keyblade, they must be pretty...
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    Theory: LS is... *Spoilers*

    I thought those absent silhouettes were just data copies in Final Mix? I Never played it, so I don't really know actually. Yeah, but the Nobodies were controlled by stronger Nobodies, and being "higher functioning" enemies (in the sense that they can think) I imagine it works the same way for...
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    quick question or more

    The opening is a symbolic representation of the story, thus they also used the scenes from the KHII secret ending because there were some connections that were also symbolic to the connections in the story.
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    aqua title

    I think it only said the 3 apprentices at the beginning because that's what they are at the beginning of the game. Aqua's definitely my fav master of them all. She never loses her cool :)
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    The main reason why I'm doubtful is that the secret bosses are either extras or usually allude to some sort of future revelation but nothing is directly connected to the actual fight. Like in KH1 you fight Xemnas in FM, but it doesn't really matter outside of when Xemnas says "I've been to see...
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    I liked the vehicle thing in Bbs, but I don't think it would look cool with Riku/Sora's keyblades. Maybe armour would look cool though...or not actually =/
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    Ven's Scenario

    Why was MX pitting Ven against those Neoshadow's though? It seems he was trying to make him stronger, but why exactly?
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    I'm not sure where I stand on this really, but so far I'm thinking that Terra's armor/LS is still in the Keyblade Graveyard is the canon part, but the part where Sora meets his LS and fights it seems like it was just added in for Final Mix to me. I could very well be wrong, but if Nomura said it...
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    I really don't think Sora would stand a chance lol. Honestly, out of the keyblade masters so far, I'd have to say Sora is the weakest. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that he's weak, but comparatively speaking it seems to me that he's the weakest one. It seems his strength doesn't lie in his...
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    Theory: LS is... *Spoilers*

    Yeah, but in KH2, it's confirmed that the heartless just obey anyone who's darkness is stronger than theirs (remember when Saix did it?) I'm of the opinion that Terra's still in his body and is essentially complete (meaning, LS is not his Soul, but just his feelings). That being said, I really...
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    How would Coded come to NA/EUR

    These are some sad times for NA/Eu phones then =/ I thought there would be a ton of phones that would be able to support it by now. Guess I'll get an iPod Touch after all.
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    How would Coded come to NA/EUR

    ^ I don't have an iPhone or an Android phone yet, so I guess there's still time for support to pick up. And personally, I have something against the iPhone and its app store, I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like I should remain hopeful for Android. Maybe there's hope for DSiWare?
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    How would Coded come to NA/EUR

    I honestly don't care about playing the game since the gameplay looks simplistic and kinda boring, but I'd like to know what the story is at least. If it comes to NA, I hope it comes onto the DSi or something. I'd play it on the iPhone, but I hate touch controls, so hopefully it would also be...
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    A Mickey Route?

    Personally, I don't think it's going to happen, but the fact that he's on the cover and seems to play a more active role (in the fact that he can fight along side you) in this title makes it seem slightly plausible. As other people have pointed though, the UMD might be filled already, it looks...