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    Kiss Kiss Fall in Love

    My drawing of Tamaki, my favorite lad from Ouran High. Pretty straight forward. :) http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r49/SweetRain06/tamaki.jpg Comments would be nice.
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    Those Electric signals again?

    http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r49/SweetRain06/Hana1.jpg A fan art drawing of Hana from Fruits Basket. The Original picture is from the cover of chapter 40 of the manga. My main goal was just to get the shine of her hair down, i think it turned out pretty well. any comments would be great!
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    KH2´s disturbing ending?

    I didn't find it disturbing at all. Sure, they're close at the end but so what? they also made Axel and Roxas' relationship a tad bit odd, but still. guys can have best friends too right?
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    New Scans / Interview

    oooo! cant wait for a release date for U.S!
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    Opening Intro

    i hope they have an intro or something, it just makes the game more interesting. And though a new song by Hikki is doubtful, a remix might be possible.
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    Twilight Town Songs

    no i dont think you can get it back. when you become sora it pretty much stays for good.
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    Passion Drive Aura Remix

    Hey i don't know if any of you guys have heard this or not but i found this link: http://files.filefront.com/Passion_drive_aura_mix/;4999451;; /fileinfo.html Its really amazing and i think you'll like it.
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    Whoa. I just noticed something about the Gambler Nobodies

    I never noticed that either. Thats really cool that you noticed that.
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    "Who Said That?" The KH2 Voice Game

    well if you're so good than who said it? (of course i shouldnt talk cuz i suck at these kinds of games)
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    Kh1 Kairi or Kh2 Kairi?

    Do you like Kh1 or kh2 Kairi better? Personally i like Kh1 Kairi better. In Kh2 just came off dumber to me. (sry if this has been done before)
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    kh or kh2 secret ending

    yea i agree 2525252525
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    kh or kh2 secret ending

    I like kh1 better, because it had fighting and stuff. the kh2 ending is ok... but the first one was better
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    kh2 music request.....

    hmmm, im not sure about Deep Dive, but simple and clean(orchestrated) is definantly on the Kh1 soundtrack
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    Riku x namine

    sry but they really dont seem 2 be together. Roxas x Namine
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    Something to do...

    hey! i wanted 2 share this one cool website w/ people. It's www.youtube.com. if you go and search (in videos) anything KH related there are videos that people made with clips from the game. It's really cool. i would suggest watching Everything(Sora and Kairi)<one of my favorites. That's all. Enjoy!
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    ~Did Riku ever become a heartless?~

    I was thinking...Sora and Kairi are together, and so are Roxas and Namine, which are Sora/Kairi's nobodies. So if Roxas' best friend is Axel, could this mean that Axel is Riku's nobody because Sora and Riku are best friends? But this is only possible if Riku had become a heartless...right?