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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    Ummm... I'm pretty sure there already is a petition floating around this site somewhere ^^;
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Hmmm... at this point I don't think there really has been TOO much extra stuff confirmed besides a few new cutscenes from the Jump Festa trailer (which you can find a detailed description of on almost any KH fansite ^^;), but I'm sure there'll be more, especially knowing Nomura. All we have to...
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    kh2 secrect video rumors from japan(possible spoilers)

    Maybe we'll learn something about it at E3! Only a week and a few days until it's here!
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    Disney 411!

    Why's everyone talking about Brittany Snow and Hayden? I didn't see them in the 411... is the one I saw not the whole thing? Or are people talking about something else? @.@ *confuzzled*
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    Disney 411!

    I know the movie's on now, but it's going to be on again on the Disney West channel at 10pm central time and during the first half hour is when it played.
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    Disney 411!

    I don't know if anyone's seen this yet, but I just saw a Disney 411 thingie on the Kingdom Hearts II premiere party! If no one's seen it yet and you have satellite, then you can tune in to Disney West at 10:00pm (central time) and if you watch the first 30 minutes of the Kim Possible movie, you...
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    Cerberus Paradox Cup

    Yay! Okies ^-^ >w<
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    Cerberus Paradox Cup

    For me, I usually go into double-score mode in the second round, but that still doesn't help D: My highest score is 1021, I think... I'll have to try the Draw thing... *shrugs* I dunno, but for those of you who are wondering, I got DS mode in the second round by going Final and opening a can of...
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    Fatal Crest

    What's Fatal Crest?? Is it a keyblade? (sorry, I'm sleep deprived and I dont' remember...)
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    Heck yes!! >w< I luff the graphics in this game!!! ^-^
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    One reason why it might not hold as much magic as the first is probably because we knew a ton about this game before we bought it, while with the first KH most of us most likely knew nothing about it. I still had a great time playing KH2, but I felt like I knew too much... Oh well, I'll have...
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    Riku's Clothes!

    I like Riku's clothes!! >w< It's a nice change from his old clothes (not like there was anything wrong with them, but it's something new)
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    Scale of 1 to 10 in Organization fights

    I think Xigbar was harder than Xaldin... Mickey would save you in the Xaldin fight, but in the Xibar fight you were on your own... I also had tad bit of trouble with the second Demyx fight (his stupid time trial kept getting to me! I can't move fast enough to beat 10 of his water clones in 10...
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    The saddest death in Kh2

    I BAWLED when Axel died... I was so sad!!! Expecially with his last quotes on how he just wanted to see Roxas because Roxas made him feel like he had a heart, and so did Sora... *sniffle*
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    Kingdom Illusion

    I keep having dreams about a TON of spelling errors being in the game... I had them on the first day I got it and the day I beat it... I'll probably have another tonight ^^;;
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    How to get the secret ending

    I'll try, but I'm already in trouble for playing KH2 too much right now, so you'll probably be done before me ^^;;
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    Who liked Atlantica

    I loved Atlantica ^-^ I totally sang along with all of the songs >w< (except for Ursula's XP)
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    How to get the secret ending

    *dies* We have to complete the gummi missions with an S ranking? Awww, man! T-T
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    What Level are you on?

    I don't remember what level I'm at... All I know is that I beat Port Royal and just arrived at Halloween Town
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    Same as kh rules >w< I just beat Port Royal and the first chapter of Atlantica, and now I'm in Halloween Town so I can get the ability that'll let me progress in Atlantica ^-^