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    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    Hopefully, there will be this December, my son kept on pestering me about this.
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    What Games would you like to see remade for Current Gen Consoles?

    I second this, dude, Wild Arms and Suikoden... Brings back memories.
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    Did anyone have a Nintendo Switch OLED on their hands? How is it?
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    Guardians of the Galaxy demo?

    You should look it up on youtube now, they've released an official demo for this game. I'd say it's 50/50 for me for now.
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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    I still have it. My hard-drive is now my most irreplaceable possession.
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    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    There are local stores here that are selling PS5 but sadly they don't last a day...
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    hello ^_^

    Welcome to the forum! For me it's MOM for the win!
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    FFXVI in PlayStation was changed from TBA to Coming Soon. Based on my experience, they won't say Coming Soon unless it will be released within a year. So have fun guys! Wohoo!!
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    The World Ends With You - The Animation - Episode 4 ‘Reapers’ Discussion Thread

    They really did Sho and Joshua's justice holy shit. Sho was just angry and crazy. The dude made like 3-4 Mission on the spot and growling like a freaking Lion at people. And Joshua is a smug bitch. Perfect.
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    General ► Looking for an advice...

    When you start to feel sorry for yourself and feel the buildup of anxiety, try to acknowledge and know the difference between your emotions and your actual reality(rational mind). Meditate and try not to let your emotions overwhelm you. Nothing is permanent, pain is not permanent, being down is...
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    Politics Hey Americans...

    Exactly my feeling. :LOL: Though if he get impeached in the future. I still doubt Harris will do any better than him.
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    General ► Do you ever just really despise your siblings?

    What were your parents doing anyway? Why it's like, from your story, it seems like your parents have shown no care about you and your brother's situation? He's 23, he's actually still young so your parents sure do still have power over him.
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    Politics Hey Americans...

    Well, true. Unfortunately though, after 4 years, he still had those backs of the people who supported him in the 2015 election.
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    Covid-19 Situation in your area

    Vaccines are currently being widely distributed here in Florida. Hopefully for the better, herd immunity will soon start here as I won't be taking a vaccine this early yet.
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    Politics Hey Americans...

    Though I love the idea, we all know that anyone who runs in any elections wears their best angel-like suits while showing their biggest smiles in the public. Like what Trump did when he ran in 2016. So I doubt we will ever learn about this kind of mistake.
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    Politics Hey Americans...

    Seriously? Talking about how d*@# can they get.
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    Politics Hey Americans...

    I was so curious to know about that fact too. I'm still waiting for news to come up about how much infection does that riot made lol.
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    Ever felt really stupid buying a game? (Rant)

    Not yet, I'm glad I didn't buy Cyberpunk 2077, or I might be ranting here over and over about that game lol. Did anyone get bad reviews with this game?
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    Walkthrough the Fire & Flames, with Breath of Fire II (Retranslation)!

    Yeah, to my surprise this game is on switch, and thanks for the heads up about the updates!
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    Walkthrough the Fire & Flames, with Breath of Fire II (Retranslation)!

    Where can you play this game again? Is this available on switch? Or mobile devices?