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    Namine's drawings

    Hey does anyone have any pics of Namine's drawings in the white room at twilight town?
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    video game too violent?

    i'm writing this thing about being video game violence. i'm saying it isn't that violent. but i hear your opinions about it? is video games these days too violent?
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    Cid's Voice?

    Aerith's voice didn't have much emotion in it in KH2, but in AC she has emotion in it. weird...
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    Kh2 Is Officially a Good Game!

    KH2 been a good game... it's probably one the most highly anticipated game of the year... when i brought it at where i lived (San Francisco), about every place at SF or close to SF that were sellling it, were sold out the first day! i was lucky to even get it.
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    Cid's Voice?

    well everyone here and outside are calling his voice a redneck cowboy. And Cid's voice sucks because that voice doesn't match. And i heard that his voice sucks even more than Aerith's voice in the english AC! Aerith' voice is a little better in AC than in KH2.
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    Well you don't really see them when you're Sora, since you really see don't see Axel a lot. but i didn't the game yet and i didn't encounter any assassin nobodies yet.
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    Did you like Demyx?

    Demyx is hella funny!
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    If you have Kingdom Hearts 2....

    Sixth day at twilight town for the night... My sister kicked me out so she could play KH2 too.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 commercial

    OMG! i just saw it on mtv at 8:50! i saw the commercial about eight times, need to see 92 more times, to get my record...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 commercial

    I saw that one too! I was so happy to finally see it on my tv that was i'm jumping in the morning. But i been watching mtv since like 3:30 and no kh2 commercial since this morning, i think. i'm gotta check the rest of the channels (except for G4, I don't have it) if they're showing it too.
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    Fav. Roxas pics

    I like this one...
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    Will KH2 sell out when it comes out?

    Hell yea! KH2 is totally gotta sell out like for the first day at my city. (bay area!SF!) and most of the people i know already reserved it or gotta just get on the spot.
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    Hopefully this week......

    Um... Sorry but disney don't have commercials, actually. their commercials on that channel, they promote their shows and extras stuff related like that. So no kh2 on disney channel, only if they're doing some video game extra thing. Also did any of you guys ever seen a KH or KH:COM commercial...
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    English Voices

    Most of the voices are okay, but i only like a few of them... But it's interesting that they got some well known voice actors with a good resume And even some of them have worked as some of the extra voices or a minor character in the FF series
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    R u the only one out of your freinds to play this.

    Wow, i'm azn too (not japanese) and your situation is almost the opposite of mines. My friends aren't the girly, more tomboy, most of them owns a PS2. The boys i know like kingdom hearts and wants KH2. And about 60% of my school is asian and about most of them aren't that busy.
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    SE's KH2 site...

    For some reason i think SE tends to update their sites a little late or just couple of days before it come out and put up a countdown. Or that they don't put as much effort to the NA site as they did to Japanese site.
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    R u the only one out of your freinds to play this.

    Even though i know a lot of people who can't wait for KH2, i only know for sure that about only two guys for sure that gotta play it. Out of all my friends i'm the only girl who playing it, but i'm probably the only out of me group who really likes to play video games. but in my family, my sis...
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    Johnny Depp?

    How many threads are we gotta have about this? i've seen this question being asked every couple of days or a week or two.
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    How long?

    You're asking how many years has past after "ansem" destroy his world from darkness? and why mickey leaves so late , cuz he left the note for donald and goofy to find the keyblade when the game just started? is that what you mean? shouldn't this be in the kh section?
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    Kingdom Hearts II Leaked!! True or False?

    You people know that some people get some video games early right? this person is probably a game tester or something like that