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    Why does this happen in movies

    In Horror movies anyone else notice that the people are running like way past human ability and the killer walks and still catches up?WHY?
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    Kare Kano

    I started reading the Kare Kano manga and really really like it. I wanted to see if anyone else is into because I wanted to talk with people about it. And plus I feel kinda sad with my sister calling me gay because my new favorite manga is shojo. Currently I'm up to Volumn 12.
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    Replica Riku, Zexion, Axel scene

    Oh I'm so dumb lol thanks anyway
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    Replica Riku, Zexion, Axel scene

    I just can't figure out what happened in that scene that Axel brought Replica Riku to Zexion. Can someone tell me? I just figured Rep. Riku killed him b/c Zexion said "No!"
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    cloaked schemer

    Ah its Zexion.....the best organization member
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    Roxas and Sora

    Yay Roxas is winning. By the way thanks to all who have posted and future posters because your helping me win an argument with my sis.
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    Roxas and Sora

    LMFAO you get rep for that ha ha ha
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    Roxas and Sora

    Hey I just wanted to bring up that cutscene between Roxas and Sora when they kinda "fought."I think Roxas should have one that battle and wanted to see how many people agreeded with me.
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    So Much For A Peaceful Return Chap.1 +2

    SO yeah, I started writing this the other day. Personally, I think I did a really bad job but my sisters think otherwise. I just wanted to see what you guys had to say and If you guys enjoy it, I'll keep writing. Here we go....:mellow...
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    ~}Guitar Hero Fan Club{~

    This is a fan club for all of you that love that oh so wonderful game called Guitar Hero. Post to join here so we can all talk about the game, the songs, bonus tracks, characters, and all the other good stuff. You could also meet new players. Join Now! ]MEMBERS LIST Kingsora222(me) (Call me...
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    Battle of Begginings{open}

    This will be a Power Character Match so magic, abilities, etc. is encouraged Btw-If somethings done wrong, my apologizes this is my first time. Setting-A huge Forest TEMPLATE: Name: Brian323 Appearance: Aside from a couple of blemishes due to puberty, his face is clean. Always found wearing...
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    Hi everyone. I've been on the forums playing the RPG for a while but never bothered to post here. Just wanted to say "hello I'm Brian323 and was hoping to make some friends".:thumbsup:
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    Help/Support ► In memory of Abigail Violet Pasalaqua

    I'm so sorry.I hope you'll feel better.Just remember....do you think she would want you to feel so sad?If you guys really had a close bond then I'm sure she would want you to live the rest of your life as happy as possible.Just remember......shes in a better place now....some day you two will be...