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    I am looking for a translation guide for KH1 FM but they don't seem to exist. could someone point me in the right direction of one?
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    My friend

    I need to get in contact with an admin. because I need to ask about a friend of mine who tried to join but has for some reason vanished. So I to ask one of them what happened. I talk about this earlier in the "Searching for Mitsunari" thread.
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    Possible Good bye

    I just exploded on a forum and I'm probably due for deletion I won't say what thread but I thought I better apolize to the people I attacked before I'm deleted also
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    How does it work

    How do you add friends because I just have no clue how it works. Could someone GENTLY explain it to me?
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    Searching for Mitsunari

    I'm looking for someone who join recently. His Name is Mitsunari 911. Has anyone seen him anywhere? If you have seen him please tell me. I'm trying to contact him(he's a friend of mine). Here's a brief description Name: Mitsunari 911 Rank: Below Court Mage Join Date: Jan 08 Location: (Unknown)...
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    What anyone do after KH

    As in the title what will you do once that final curtain falls and none of us ever see a new Kingdom Hearts again? For me it'll be like A funeral but only a few people are mourning which makes it even more sad:sad:. Also what will happen to KHInsider and to all of your accounts? I hate to make...
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    How will it all end

    We all know Nomura Basically has most of it all written out in that mind of his. But if you could write the end of Kingdom Hearts how would you end it? (I know it may a little overhead because we don't know where it will end but plz dont ask to or close this thread untill the end is for certain...
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    Where and When

    I must be in the darkest of blank mental state s or something but Did the KH Novel and 2nd KH2 Manga get released if so when did they release and where can I get them. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!:scared:
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    It's official. I have become a thread killer. I must be cursed. If I start a thread it is automatically cursed to end with a response from me and no one ever posts back. also It will (if not ending as described) some jerk will spam it and then it procedes to end. Please no one call me a crybaby...
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    Damn modchip.com

    I think I have the same problem only mine is much worse I ordered it on the 8th and it still hasen't come in. so I had an e-mail sent to see what the problem is but they haven't responded except for the stupid auto-respond message. I just now got the message that it was sent on the 4th
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    Sea Salt Ice cream

    I hope it came out good I'm going to try the recipe soon
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    I Got Final Mix+!!!!!!

    I got mine a few days ago but the swap magic hasn't com in yet i'm ticked off but I stay calm because I temporarily locked it away so I am not enraged by not being able to play it
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    Possible mistake about Saïx

    I have a theory that could explain why all Organization XIII members seemed to show emotion beyond acting like they have. In The World That Never Was you see Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is like a moon and radiates light and has a connection to every heart. So what if the Org. members had...
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    Do you think I should buy Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+

    Swap Magic Definatly Loads of people use it successfully and it is the only thing like that I know of
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    Sig Pics

    I need to know something. I'm developing a new sig but I can load a picture because it has too many KBs but when I shrink it to fit then it just plain doesn't work What is going on HERE!!!? Ive seen some peoples pics and I know they aren't 19.5 KBs so is there some thing I'm missing or did these...
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    Heatless or Nobody

    I have a question Do you think you are more like a heartless, a nobody or some strange creature some where in between. word of warning if you say the third one you must give it a name and explain otherwise everyone won't know what you are(unless that is your point).
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    How do you post a poll because I have a great Idea for a poll but I can't post it
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    I am a self proclaimed aspiring video game designer. Ive been developing idea since I played video games but one thing has became a tree in the gears (was a branch but it grew) I never thought of a title. Ive been think for years and i never thought of a freaking title. so I come to you the...
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    petition here if you want kh3, chrono break , final fantasy VII remake ps3 to be made

    Re: petition here if you want kh3, chrono break , final fantasy VII remake ps3 to be Kingdom Hearts III must come if if it weren't for the new handheld games due to arrive I swear my head would blow so large it would still be heard 300 years from now
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    My new signature

    I just finish creating my signature (it may not have loaded yet). I find it HORRIBLY BLAND and uninteresting. I want to fix it but I dont know how. People I need critiquing and suggestion please I beg you