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  1. TheBucket

    New Message from the KINGDOM.

    The news of the new message isn't old, but its content is. It's just about new FM content. Basically, it's just telling us Theater Mode can switch between English and Japanese languages (besides the new cutscenes introduced in BbSFM) and that there are some new cutscenes in the game.
  2. TheBucket

    (Maybe Spoilers, maybe not) What if one could play as Vanitas?

    The problem with Vanitas, when compared to other villains, is that his heart is pure darkness. There is no real...thought to his motives. Now I am in no way saying he can't think for himself, but at the same time, the only thing that drives his mind, other than his obedience to Master Xehanort...
  3. TheBucket

    Just got BBS and I gots a few questions

    1. You can't do it through remote play. The only way to play your PSP on a TV is through the cables you can buy for it at any game store. 2. It all depends on your personal gaming capabilities. There is a definite difference between Proud and Standard, but it just depends on what you're playing...
  4. TheBucket

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but today (Christmas) I just got my own PS Move, and I must raise the question again, and more or less restate it: IF you have the PS Move, and KH3 was Move COMPATIBLE, would you play it as such? After playing it for a few hours straight, I can honestly say...
  5. TheBucket

    BBS FM site update

    Why does everybody keep mistaking this...the thing on the guard of MX's keyblade isn't a lion, it's a demon. Go look up some original, early Renaissance drawings of demons, and you'll find they're similar. It's supposed to be a horned goat-like demon, ok? And anyways, I'm still usnure of what...
  6. TheBucket

    jump festa 2011 BBSFM trailer is here

    Well, we're not really sure EXACTLY, but it seems like he's just doing a similar thing than any of the other BbS characters (i.e. ones who really know how to use a Keyblade) know how to do: shapeshift their keyblade to fit whatever they want to do.
  7. TheBucket

    Birth by Sleep nominated for 5 IGN Best of 2010 Awards

    Even though BBS deserves nearly all of them, it won't get them this year. Why? Because it's competing with a God of War game and a Halo game. Gee, I wonder which games are going to get the more votes even though they don't deserve them?
  8. TheBucket

    Armored Boss in KHBBS FM

    I was going to go on a long schpeel why this is one of the dumbest threads I've ever seen, but that has apparently been done by the previous 5 or so people. Someone please close this...
  9. TheBucket

    Hardware issue - PSP or UMD?

    You were fighting who...?
  10. TheBucket

    Mysterious figure

    This. Thank you. 25252525
  11. TheBucket

    Mysterious figure

    Well I already disagree because they're saying it's Xehanort. I disagree.
  12. TheBucket

    what have you come up with

    Depends. Are we talking just Unversed, or bosses? If it's just the Unversed, I, like many, use some Mega Flare. If that doesn't work, I'll use Faith. If that doesn't work, I use Mine Square. If that doesn't work, I go back to Mega Flare because it's charged back up at this point. Or I just use...
  13. TheBucket

    Mysterious figure

    I think it's something that wouldn't ruin the KH plot. Or even better, something that will advance it. Like somebody new. Oh, but that's never happened before. And there's NO POSSIBLE WAY that he isn't Xemnas or Xehanort just because of those weapons!!!!11!11!!11!!! Nope, not possible. Not even...
  14. TheBucket

    Mysterious figure

    Yes. We get it. People think he's Xemnas. Please stop pointing it out.
  15. TheBucket

    Tornado is an awesome move

    As epic as Mega Flare is, it does diddly-crap to bosses. Which is unfortunate, but understandable. Ven's Multivortex on the other hand...I think it might be the strongest technique in the game. Idk if Terra's Ultima Cannon or Aqua's Lightbloom do more or less, or are the same thing seeing as...
  16. TheBucket


    Mega Flare, permayhaps? 252525252525
  17. TheBucket

    Mysterious Figure Theory

    I actually feel insulted that someone could even think that their battle was a "Second Keyblade War." Seriously?
  18. TheBucket

    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    Well then it seems most (of the coherent) people here agree with me: yeah, it'd be neat, but only for an optional additional support. No, I wouldn't want KH3 to be a full-on Move game, but just to have some option for it, or as some others said, mini- or side-games for it.
  19. TheBucket

    How come King Mickey didn't recognize Apprentice Xehanort as Terra?

    Most likely because Sora was a BIT busy worrying about some other major problems at the moment. Y'know like a bunch of powerful Nobodies. I doubt Yen Sid thought he was ready for one, but also just didn't want to pile all that crap onto him. At least that's the excuse I'll be using. But yes as...
  20. TheBucket

    My theory on MF and some change...

    I was going to break this down bit-by-bit to show you how wrong this all is, but goldpanner beat me to it, so...I'll just say this...