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    358/2 Days "Event" Videos (Translations)

    Seen from com more likely, or roxas met the riku replica in CO and we never saw it?.
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    358/2 Days "Event" Videos (Translations)

    why is young riku there? ANYONE KNOW?
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    358/2 Days "Event" Videos (Translations)

    thankyiu bittermeat, although there are many questions that must be answered from that.
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    Castle Oblivion

    but have we ever seen a org member use cards out side of CO,.. i think not. its just inn the castle.
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    Who is Kairi's shadow?

    this xion is not a princess, thats kairis job.
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    but only in multi player i presume. or as a seperate partner in single player.
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    Translated Days Gameplay Footage (Re:Riplai)

    i think roxas will be able to duel wield, but only near the end of the game. when roxas gets captured by riku in the film clip somewhere, he can so i guess he'll hve to.
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    Who is Kairi's shadow?

    and then he went emo and started to bash up every computer he ever sees. i thought roxas liked namine, ie one of the final cutscenes in kh xion a heartless...... ehhhh no, the org hates heartless , unless xemnas gets tricked by her and ends up killing her.
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    Chaser keyblades

    TAV all have diffrent individual goals , save princesses and what not on there way to finding MX, who ever said that they were asked to kill him by there master. and is it just a coincidence that they all find MX at the same time?
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    Castle Oblivion

    yes, it think you think your right. except for the below ground levels
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    Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

    you dont need exp, i beat him at level 48 in proud so you should be fine. there is a glitch that takes place when he does the suffering angel attack. whe the flash happens , use cure on yoursewlf, if done with perfect timing you will have max health, but no mp the go bash him up. 1more tip, keep...
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    Need some Mushroomy help

    if only i had final mix, it sounds so awesome. good luck bashing those mushrooms!
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    Chaser keyblades

    who knows, .... no really does any one know? and does anyone know how the awakening happened anyway?
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    Character Reference Guide

    forgive me if this has already been created but action must be taken. in many sections, particually the KH ones, short reference terms have been given to those with important meanings, ie. master xehanort or dark soldier. although in each seperate thread some users have changed the more...
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    Chaser keyblades

    kairi never wielde, as she just recived half of rikus andused it while he was duel wielding. in the same manor as jack sparro , he just held soras until soraforced it back to him.
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    Chaser keyblades

    exactly, i was looking for that word, thankyou.
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    Chaser keyblades

    thanks for telling us all that,now we know that most peoples posts make , well no sense at all. it helped ... ehhhhhh ... sum it up , i guess.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    no friggin peter pan, and you only have to travel 5 feet before you come across a moogle shop.
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    Chaser keyblades

    theres a video of BBS with terrra summoning or whatever you wantto call it , his keyblade, but insted of poofing like soras, it like didgitalised itsellf with all these little squares and stuff.
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    Why didn't any knowledge of Ven, Aqua, Terra or their master appear in KH1??

    sounds quite logical, although if he did not make a sequel than the secret ending would be the one thing that absolutely ruins it for him, with all the complaints and what-not.