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  1. blackberi

    Nomura interview!

    I actually have high hopes for both the battle system AND the story of this game. If all goes well, my faith in the series will be restored. SHIKI! Omfg, I could kiss you, Nomura. SO excited. :D
  2. blackberi

    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    I love your brain. I love it, I love it. Can't wait for E3 now.
  3. blackberi

    Fanfiction ► Crayola Smiles [KH, Sora/Naminé]

    *_* So. Cute. Sora is such a cute little gentleman~ you really had them both in character. Short but sweet!
  4. blackberi

    Fanfiction ► Sweet Dreams are Made of This [Sora/Riku BFF to more]

    I'm sorry, had to chuckle at the last line - BUT OTHER THAN THAT, it was very enjoyable and super cute as always. You write their relationship so perfectly. And I actually like how you can take this as both them being more brotherly or actually being romantically involved. <3
  5. blackberi

    Fanfiction ► Only Between Us [KH, Sora/Riku]

    ;w; So adorable. I get all giddy thinking of the idea of a sleepover between them~ This reminds me of that one fanart, of Sora and Riku's sleeping together before the fight against Xemnas. I LOVED IT. :D
  6. blackberi

    Fanfiction ► Distorted Butterfly Wings [KH - Sora/Naminé]

    This was absolutely beautiful. ;w; Loved everything about it.
  7. blackberi

    Fanfiction ► Say Nothing At All [KH, SoRi]

    Awwww, this is so sweet and really shows their close relationship - reminds me of the ending of KH2, when there was just comfortable silence between the two. I loved it. :D Totally brings out their adorable friendship/relationship/whatever you're into~
  8. blackberi

    KH2 in the Smithsonian

    ... KH2? Really? I refuse to vote for KH2. If it were KH1 then definitely. Blah.
  9. blackberi

    Is it just me or is BBS FM even easier than BBS?

    I found it to be the same difficulty, to be honest. Remember that you have experience this time around so it's most likely making the game out to be easier.
  10. blackberi

    BBS is the best selling PSP game in 2010

    I'm actually not that surprised. KH fans are cash cows. Congrats though. It was a decent game and does deserve its recognition.
  11. blackberi

    Missed opportunity in BbS!

    Yeah, that's what I remembered reading as well. And I agree, the recycling of the mirror fight was quite irritating. I really was hoping to slap her around. >3
  12. blackberi

    Fanfiction ► Promise I'll never keep [KH/SoNami]

    So tragic ;A; Short but very emotional. I really love your writing style and your dialogue, as always. <3 I loved it.
  13. blackberi

    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    So I'm pretty fluffing excited now. <3
  14. blackberi

    Dream Drop Distances' ending/ final bosses and why

    Lol'd and then realized how true this statement is... sadface. But yeah, I'm pretty sure Yen Sid wouldn't be corrupted and he's also retired, so, I really don't see this happening.
  15. blackberi


    Agreed, and Nomura's already mentioned "a Sora that falls" so...
  16. blackberi

    Vanitas's voice

    I read somewhere that Miyu Irino (Sora's Jap VA) wanted an evil role and jokingly told Nomura about it. Guess Nomura ended up complying with him after all. LOL.
  17. blackberi

    Hunchback World Announced: Imagined Music Themes!

    Amazing works, they fit amazingly well and have such a Shimomura feel to them - seriously impressed! I would cry sweet, sweet tears. ;A; Omg~
  18. blackberi

    Nintendo Event Thingy Starts tonight

    I think I would die of complete bliss, honestly. Here's hoping for those worlds.
  19. blackberi

    Nintendo Power Rates Re:Coded with an 8/10 (Scans included)

    This pleases me, way to go Re:Coded. :D
  20. blackberi

    KH Leaks 3 days before us release on the net!

    Yeah, BBS was online about a week before the release date. Happens to every game.