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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    booksamillion.com says december 2009
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    KH: 358/2 Days RACE!!!

    i hardly played it yeasterday idky but im on day 77 i plan to get to 100 somthin 2night well after school im in art class tonight
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    Does BBS?

    Does Birth By Sleep use cards or not?
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    So are you all buying Birth by sleep when it comes out?
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    Which camera setting do you use?

    my l and r buttons dont work so i have to use the touch screen
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    The Official "Days is Released so Post Here About that Fact" Discussion Thread.

    im getting it in 40 minutes after school im in art class right now and i am so bored i cant wait im running to the car and get my game (i hope my mom got me the strategy guide :) )
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    How many?

    Is there over an hour of cutscenes in this game?
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    How many hours?

    How many hours do u think it will take to beat the game?
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    Wayne Allwine tribute in Days

    awww nthats so sweet that they did that R.I.P
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    Single or Multicard?

    its multi-card :) im not quite sure im really positive its multi card though
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    Shipping time

    You people shouldnt be lazy just go to the store and buy it (no offense anyone :) )
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    Who else has.....

    Who else besides me has to go through a whole school day tomorrow before you get 358/2 days?
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    Does Target???

    does anyone else know if the slip case comes with it if you preorder it at target?
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    Does Target???

    Do the reserved copy of days come with the slipcase if u pre-order it at target?
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    358/2 Days - Best Buy Limited Edition Packaging

    does target give away the slip-case with the game?
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    A question on preparing for this game

    Yes you should definetly wait till after you play 358/2 days :)
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    How many of you will?

    my grandma pre-ordered it from target a few minutes ago so ill be getting it right after school when i go to the car pool then ill read my instruction booklays im dissapointed that theuet on the way home and as soon as i get home i will be playing it nonstop until i accomplish everything in the...
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    Was this game better for PS2?

    the ps2 version is 1 trillion times better boo
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    Is This New?

    yes its new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Was this game better for PS2?

    wat were wrong with the VA sora was played by same actor but probably tried to sound younger cause he sounds much older in kingdom hearts 2 namine has a new voice but it sounds the same the namine VA from re chain of memories will do the VA for namine in 358/2 days