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    Where was Tarzan!?

    why on earth would you want that stupid level anyways? Tarzan was probably the worst world added to KH. Same thing goes for Winnie The Pooh
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    The 'Challenge Mission' Discussion Thread

    I have about 90% missions done, and I just got mickey unlocked in mission mode, so I'm getting excited
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    Help with a mission

    where do I get High Jump LV 3 and glide?
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    (SPOILERS) What happens to Xion after the final battle

    Re: (SPOILERS) Xion's Death how the heck does this title have a spoiler in it? Everyone knows that Xion dies, just how she dies is the question. (ps I know how she dies)
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    Help with a mission

    On day 256 mission 86. I can get to a point where my whole mission gauge is filled up, but then I checked every area for the last two heartless, and I can't seem to find them anywhere. I saw in Caves of Wonders a area thats high up, with a treasure chest, but I can't seem to reach it, does...
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    King Mickey isn't in the shop

    well that might explain something, because I didn't complete every mission, I skipped the end missions, because they got way to hard. ok thanks 3 eyes
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    King Mickey isn't in the shop

    Oh hes in the armor section? I thought he would be where the potions are, or something ok, I'll check there, maybe he is there. ok I just check and I didn't see the item there, what is the item called? I did beat the game. my save has a crown next to it, I'm guessing that means I beat it.
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    King Mickey isn't in the shop

    I thought, that applied to only Sora
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    King Mickey isn't in the shop

    Ok I just beat the game, and I don't see the item that says Return of The King or w/e in the moogle shop, is that a glitch?
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    Help/Support ► I don't wanna wait~

    Why do you people cut your selfs? does it make you feel better?
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    My opinion on this game has changed

    it gets better at the end of hte game :) just wait and see. Remember when Nomura said that BBS and this game were connected, he wasn't lieing, and you'll see why at the end.
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! I Sumbited one, but I forgot what it said. lol. I hope its funny to someone.
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    Axel said

    Don't do that lol. ouchy, yeah I understand what they mean, but I guess they want the agme to last as long as possible, you kno wthey can't keep the game running forever.
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    Axel said

    Well I knew that Axel and Siax were friends, it really showed in 358/2 Days, and to find out that Xigbars somebody didn't have scars, and got them more recently must mean something bad happened, I hope they show it.
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    Axel said

    and maybe showing how Xigbar got those scars on his face, I just hope that BBS will explain alot, and isn't Coded like supposed to happen right after KH2? So yeah I'm excited for the other two kh games.
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    Axel said

    yeah, and didn't Nomura say that KH 358/2 Days and BBS are connected strongly. Wow they know how to throw us off gaurd.
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    Axel said

    When I saw the cutscene I was like whoa! no way, this can't be happening, Axel's real self met Sora? wow.
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    Axel said

    That him and the real him met sora, does anyone know who Axel's real self is?
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    Boss battles .... help?

    This is what I did, I deafeat all the little arms except one, then I attacked, and then the big arms came out, glide or dash a way real quick, then attack again, then the arms will come out again, dash or glide away. and repeat, don't worry about that little arm since it stays where it is.
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    Xigbar Spoiler

    that makes me want to get BBS so much more. lol. and it might explain how he got those scars on his face.